Why Thailand is a great place to go fishing

Why Thailand is a great place to go fishing

There are many fantastic countries around the world to visit, and you’ll find many great fishing resorts in them. There is no shortage of fantastic fishing destinations to choose from, and it is perfectly understandable if you find yourself slightly overwhelmed with options.

If you are planning a trip, or you need justification for a great adventure, we are here to tell you why Thailand is a great place to go fishing. We will share some of the best reasons for you to visit Thailand and fish, and you’ll be joining many anglers.

If you have enjoyed fishing in Thailand before, please let us know your favourite resorts and why fishing in Thailand is right for you. If you are yet to go, read on, and see why you should be here!

Thailand has a wide variety of freshwater fish

If you are looking for variety when you fish, you will find it hard to match the standard of freshwater fish here in Thailand. There is an abundance of imported and natural fish to look out for, and you can virtually go through the alphabet from A to Z uncovering fish that will put up a great fight.

There are big fish here!

It isn’t just the number of fish that is impressive in Thailand, it is the size of fish. The Giant Mekong Catfish is the one that grabs attention, and no wonder, but you’ll find many massive fish in Thailand’s waters that will challenge even the most skilled and experienced anglers.

The Giant Mekong fish can grow to 350 kg (770 lb) while the Giant Siamese Carp can grow to 300kg (660lb). If the thought of reeling in a mighty whopper appeals to you, fishing in Thailand is likely to be a thrilling experience for you.

Many Thai fishing spots are easily accessible by car or public transportation

No matter what sort of fishing experience you are looking for in Thailand, it is available. Whether you want something that is adjacent to a huge tourist destination or secluded enough to allow you to forget the entire world, Thailand has it all.

If you can drive, you can uncover even the remotest destinations. However, if you are dependent on public transport, don’t despair, because there are plenty of stunning resorts waiting to welcome you.

The weather is warm and comfortable year-round in Thailand

The thought of stand waist-deep in a lake or river isn’t always appealing. If you would like to fish more locally, but the challenging weather conditions put you off, perhaps it is time you ventures further afield.

One of the most appealing factors about Thailand is its weather and climate. If you want to fish in warm waters with the sun beating down on you, it’s all here waiting for you. You also don’t have to check your weather app or spend hours watching the clouds to see if the weather is going to take a turn for the worse.

Fishing in Thailand offers you confidence in the weather, which is a tremendous starting point for most anglers.

If you need a fishing destination that is slightly cooler than most of Thailand, head to Loei. It is still warm compared to many countries, but it is more presentable to those who find the warmer climes stifling.

Fishing licenses are cheap and easy to get

If you don’t need to get a fishing licence, it is more affordable than getting one. That will always be the case. However, if a fishing licence is required, and there are benefits to fishing in locations that require a licence, you want to find one that offers great value for money.

Yes, a lot of areas in Thailand offer affordable prices for most things, it is a huge factor in why it is so appealing, but you also get value for money. Arranging a licence provides you with peace of mind about where you fish, and it often

There are many different types of fishing gear available at affordable prices

The affordable nature of fishing in Thailand is also seen in the price of equipment. If you don’t have personal fishing equipment or you don’t want to bring it with you, you don’t need to. It’s possible to rent boats, kayaks, and other equipment if you don’t have your own personal gear, which means you can enjoy more without breaking the bank.

If you plan on fishing in Thailand, or you are keen to book your next fishing break, we hope these suggestions are of value. If you have spent any time fishing in Thailand, please tell us some of your top tips or your favourite destinations. We would love to share them with our audience, and we would love to see where people love fishing in this fine country.