What To See & Do In & Around Hua Hin

While Hua Hin is a great weekend destination for people from Bangkok, it is also a holiday destination in its own right. There is something slightly traditional and old-fashioned about a lot of what Hua Hin has to offer, making it a great counterpoint to some of the flashier and modern elements of what Bangkok has to offer.

Hua Hin Railway Station
This is a simple attraction, but it is a very popular attraction in the local area. This is a wooden building which manages to blend Thai designs with a Victorian English style, making it a great choice to while away some time. The station was built during the time of King Rama VI and while it is a functioning railway station, it welcomes a great number of people on a daily basis.


The Hua Hin Night Market
If you are looking to make the most of the Hua Hin night life, you should check out the Hua Hin night market which is located between the railway line and Petchkasem Road. The market comes to life from 6.30pm and you can buy everything you could ever want or need. There is plenty of food and drink on offer, in addition to a great deal of craft and produce of all nature.


Cicada Market
The Cicada Market is an open air market and it is all about handmade crafts and art. If you want to see the work of local artists and perhaps the chance to find something that is wholly unique, this is the ideal destination you should be looking for during your time in Hua Hin.


Plearn Wan Shopping Village
While this is a shopping centre open from 10 in the morning, which is decked out in a very traditional Thai style, there is plenty else on offer in the evening at the shopping village. If you want to check out open air movies or live music, you will find that this is a tremendous way to spend your time.


Maruekathaiyawan Palace
Another relic from the King Rama VI period, this is a summer seaside palace which manages to combine Italian architecture with plenty of Thai style. This is also a tremendous destination to spend a day in, with the gardens offering plenty of chance to roam and explore. There is an indoor section to the attraction which is great if the warmth of the sun gets too much for you.


Wat Huay Mongkol
If you need to see a massive Buddha statue to feel as though you have enjoyed your time in Thailand, Wat Huay Mongkol is a great location. You will find the biggest statue in the world of Luang Phor Thuad, who is a Thai monk with legendary status, and the park offers tremendous opportunities to roam and explore.


Another great activity to enjoy in Hua Hin is fishing, and if you want to make sure that you make the most of your fishing trip in Thailand, come and see what we have to offer. We can take care of everything that you could want or need to ensure you have a tremendous fishing trip in Hua Hin.