Video: The Overrated Angler – Bungsamran a Very wet night on the main pier with Danny & Rick 8th July 022

In this vlog – Danzak is joined by Danny Merrion & Rick Moore of Fishing in Bangkok YT channel.

Danny Merrion lives close by to the lake & arguably has more experience fishing Bungsamran than any other foreigner angler. He’s as hardcore & a hard-working angler as you will find in Thailand. So it was a pleasure to share the night fishing with Danny. I was also joined by Rick Moore of Fishing in Bangkok Youtube channel who also lives near BSR. It’s always great to fish with Rick & we keenly watch all of his videos. Rick is great at unearthing new fishing venues, such as Tawadbet & the Goose plus many more.

We hope you enjoy this episode!