Things To Do In & Around Cha-Am

When it comes to the attractions on offer in Cha-Am, you would be forgiven for thinking that beaches are your only option. This is a Thai destination that provides a number of long and stunning beautiful beaches, and if you are looking for a relaxing beach holiday, this is a tremendous destination.

However, you will soon find that there are plenty more things to see and do in Cha-Am. Some of them can be found close to the beach, such as the fishing pier, but you will also find plenty of markets and temples to enjoy and spend your time.

Statue of King Naresuan and Neranchararam temple
Thailand is a country with a huge number of temples and the Statue of King Naresuan and the Nerancharaaram temple are well worth checking out. The King, referred to as Naresuan The Great, reigned for fifteen years between 1590 and 1605, during what is known as the Ayutthaya period. The King used Cha-Am to meet before embarking on war against the Burmese and his statue can be found looking out to the sea.

One interesting thing about the statue is that you will find a number of cocks located at the statue base, which represents the fact that the King was a big fan of cockfighting.
Close to the statue is the temple of Neranchararam, which is well known for the six-armed Buddha.


The Fishing Pier
In the north of Cha-Am, you will find the fishing pier beyond the beach front and this is an ideal setting if you are looking to have your choice of seafood restaurants. It is fair to say that Thailand is a great place to enjoy seafood and having so many good quality restaurants in one location has to be of benefit to holidaymakers and tourists.

Saphan Hin
Another pier is Saphan Hin, which is a long pier that has been built on the season. This is a modern tourist attraction in Cha-Am and while cars are not allowed to drive on the pier, it is not quite a fully pedestrianised street as motorcycles are allowed to ride on it. This is an extremely popular place to fish, walk or ride bikes, making it a perfect option for couples or families.

Wat Cha-Am
This is a temple found in the west of Cha-Am with a Buddha dating back to the Ayutthaya period. Again, the opulence of the temple provides plenty of entertainment and you can spend a good deal of time walking around this temple.


Khao Nang Phanthurat National Park
While this isn’t the most arduous of trails or climbs, it is important to wear proper footwear if you want to get the best views. There are many caves in the park which encourage exploring and if you are looking for an affordable yet fun way to spend the day, the National Park is an excellent option.

This park is a limestone mountain with many caves. There is a large garden at the entrance, then you can follow the trail and climb up the mountain to discover some caves and enjoy a view of the coast. There are steps all the way up, but you still need to wear proper shoes.

Cha-Am Wednesday night market
If you are keen to find something to do at night, the Cha-Am Wednesday night market is a great place to visit, and it is handily located to the train station. There are plenty of bars close to the main entrance so you can drink or shop to your hearts content.



Another great way to spend some time in Cha-Am is going to a fishing resort. If you want support in arranging your trip, or making sure you pick the best option, please contact us we would love to help you.