Things to do in and around Loei

Things to do in and around Loei

One of the things that some people like about Loei is that it is cooler (temperature wise at least) than many parts of Thailand. If you love Thailand but would like a slightly milder temperature, Loei and these attractions will appeal to you. Just remember to bring a jacket or cardigan to make sure you are comfortable when the temperature dips!

There is no shortage of things to do in and around Loei, and if you have any tips or suggestions, we would love to hear from you. Let us know and we will share them with our readers. For now, please enjoy this list of things to do in and around Loei.

Visit the Loei Provincial Museum

Located at Charoen Rat Road Mueang Loei, Loei, the Loei Provincial Museum is one of the most highly regarded local attractions. No matter what list you look at, it is on or near the top, and we are happy to replicate this stance.

When it comes to seeing the story of Loei, as well as finding out about the local culture and arts, this is one of the best places you can visit. There are three main sections, which are:

  • The history of Loei
  • Culture and traditions of the province
  • Artefacts of the various Royal visits to Loei

You can find yourself whiling away a lot of time here, so if you are looking for an activity that keeps you entertained, occupied and amused for most of the day, this is a great attraction.

Take a boat ride on Nong Han Lake

While you wouldn’t want to for a swim in the Nong Han Lake, spending a day taking a boat ride on it is a brilliant way to soak up some local culture and see some stunning sights.

You can find very affordable trips down the river, and for many people, stopping off to see the small island with the Buddha shrine is a must-do activity.

This is an ideal adventure for a day when you want to take it easy, and be at one with nature.

Visit natural parks

When it comes to enjoying greenery, lush surroundings and stunning vistas (which are even more appealing than great views), there is plenty to choose from in and around Loei. Some of the most hotly recommended national parks in this area of Thailand include:

  • Phu Ruea National Park
  • Phu Kradueng National Park
  • Phu Luang Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Phu Suan Sai National Park

You’ll find you can easily spend a good few hours in any of these parks, so when the weather is pleasant, block out a day and make sure you soak up some natural goodness!

See the elephants at Elephant Nature Park

The Phu Luang Wildlife Sanctuary is doing excellent things in supporting local wildlife, and if you want to back these people, as well as seeing magnificent creatures up close, this is a place to visit. Elephants are a natural attraction for people, and not only can you see them, you can feel confident that work is being carried out to support them in their natural habitat.

Visit the Buddhist temples of Loei

It is easy to consider Buddhist temples as tourist attractions, but clearly there is significant importance to them. Whether you enjoy these destinations for the spiritual impact they have on people, the history that is stored and told here, or just the beautiful architecture and adornments, you cannot go wrong with a day out at a Buddhist temple.

You have a range of options to enjoy in Loei, including:

  • Wat Chiang Khan
  • Wat Pa Huai Lad‎
  • Wat Pa Santisuk
  • Wat Phra That Si Song Rak
  • Wat Si Khun Muang‎
  • Wat Si Pho Chai
  • Wat Tha Khaek‎
  • Wat Tha Khok

Enjoy some fishing in Loei

It will not surprise you to hear that we adore fishing in Loei, and there are some excellent places for anglers to visit, either for a day or for longer. One of the leading attractions in the area has to be the Loei Jungle Fishing Lake.

The resort takes great pleasure in welcoming guests who are looking to battle some really big fish. You will find plenty of fish weighing in at more than 100lbs. If you are also looking to enjoy a fishing trip with some stunning views, the surrounding mountains create the ideal environment.

There is an opportunity for anglers to stay overnight and fish by the lake, so however committed you are to a great day or night of fishing, you will find everything you could want or need in Loei.

Let us know what you love to do in Loei

No matter how much time you have in Loei, or whatever you love to do, we are sure you will appreciate what is on offer. There is a broad range of activities for you and your loved ones to enjoy, and of course, you can enjoy a brilliant day of fishing.

If you plan on enjoying one or some of these attractions, we hope you have a brilliant day. If you have spent any time in Loei and you have some secrete destinations you want other people to know about, please let us know, and we will be happy to share them on your behalf.