“The Social” Fishing Experience

“The Social” Fishing Experience

Fishing is a tremendous solo activity, an act that allows you to forget about the world and all its troubles. We know many people love a solo fishing trip, and we are more than happy to assist the individual angler find the best way to fish in comfort and for relaxation.

However, we also know that fishing is a tremendous social experience, and we want to help you and your friends enjoy a fishing trip of a lifetime. With The Social, we have a four-day trip for groups of four anglers or more, and rest assured, you will look back on this trip and smile for the rest of your life! Fishing to very different venues, one being a massive fish venue and the other fishing for smaller fish match style!

Where do we fish with The Social?

There are two fishing resorts involved with The Social, and we believe the mix of fish, and surroundings, provide you with a diverse range of activities over the course of a few days.

New Bungsamran

The New Bungsamran is a highly regarded Thai fishing experience and the range of fish on offer ensures people love pitting their wits here. You can face off against Mekong, Swai, Siamese carp, pacu and Juliens, which is the checklist for many anglers making their way to Thailand. A big fish venue with Mekong’s over 200kg! Bring your muscles, it’s a work out!

Tawadbet Fishing Park

Tawadbet located west of Bangkok approx. 1 hour transfer from hotel. Tawadbet provides great surroundings, food and most importantly a diverse range of fish species to try and catch (over 40 species at last count). With majority of fish being 1kg- 10kg but largest up to 40kg and mainly carp and barb species. A fantastic match venue using light feeder or float rods with a more relaxed feel.

So, if you fancy a match just let us know!

All you need to do is book your flights we can arrange everything else!

Day one of The Social

We collect you from the airport, so you don’t even need to worry about arranging travel between your flight and hotel. We want you to relax, so when you land, make your way through to the arrivals section, and we’ll whisk you away to your hotel in Bangkok.

From here, you have the chance to freshen up, but we want you to maximise the fun and enjoyment you have in Bangkok, so we are taking you out for dinner and drinks in the city. With so many fantastic destinations to choose from, we know a lot of new arrivals in Bangkok feel overwhelmed as to where to eat and drink. We take care of this for you!

Day two of The Social

After a great first night, you’ll want a breakfast to start the day, and we have you squared up first thing in the morning. The most important part of the day comes next though, and we have your transfer to the New Bungsamran taken care of.

You arrive to start fishing at 12pm, and you don’t need to worry about a thing. Every attendee receives a rod and all the fishing equipment you need, including bait. There are also guides on hand for your party, so whatever assistance you need, all you have to do is ask.

If you are fortunate enough to capture fish you want to immortalise with a photo, your guide will ensure the image is captured so you can share it on your social media as soon as possible!

What is the point in taking a fishing trip of a lifetime if you cannot make friends and family members back home jealous?

You will also receive lunch at the fishing resort and when 6pm rolls around, the fishing part of the day is done, but the evening is merely warming up. We transfer you back to the hotel and once you have freshened up, you have dinner and drinks lined up. You can also enjoy a massage in the evening, ensuring you are relaxed and limber for many more days of fishing to come.

Day three of The Social

Breakfast is the first port of call on the third day of the trip and once this is taken care of, we transfer you to Tawadbet fishing park we take care of everything when it comes to a fishing rod, bait and equipment. You don’t need to bring any fishing equipment with you, we ensure you have everything you need.

This includes lunch on the fishing park, and you’ll spend the afternoon trying to catch lots of different fish species.

After the fishing is done, we transfer you back to your hotel in Bangkok.

For the third evening, dinner and drinks will follow in the entertainment district of Bangkok.

Day four of The Social

Breakfast in your hotel provides a carefree start to the day. Just let us know where you want to go to, be it a hotel or the airport, and we will make sure you are dropped off safely.

An all-inclusive excursion

We want you to make the most of your time in Thailand, and when fishing, which is why we offer an all-inclusive trip. We have everything you need, and you don’t need to plan ahead, or make arrangements. Please note, that the drinks allowance is 1,000 baht per day, but you’ll know this goes a long way in Thailand. If you find your party socialising beyond that, you are more than welcome to purchase drinks on your own tab!

If you and your friends have talked about a fishing trip for ages, but no one wants the hassle or inconvenience of leading the trip, rely on us. We take care of transfers, food, drink, accommodation, fishing, equipment and entertainment. The only thing you need to take care of is having a great time, and with The Social, we are sure you’ll love the time you spend with us, and your friends.

This trip provides the delights of Bangkok, fishing a mega big venue New Bungsamran and also fishing a local Thai fishing match lake, it provides a perfect mix!!

It will be a great vibe perfect start to a boys holiday in Thailand!

Contact us to find out more about The Social or to book your trip today.