The Overrated Angler – ICWs Camping & Fishings lakes Nong No, Saraburi Weekender 21st & 22nd May 022

We recently visited our good friend ICW aka Ian Charles Watson & his misses Ying, who have just opened their own – Camping & fishing lakes recently to the public. Myself Chicken Danzak, Davos & The Overrated Angler, and John Harvey hit the road for a 3-hour car journey from Pattaya to join them. We caught some lovely fish such as – Golden Bellied Barb, Hovens Carp aka Mad Barb, Siamese Carp, Wohu Carp as ICW calls them, you might know them as Rohu Carp, Java Barbs, Mekong Catfish, Grass Carp & more.