The Camping and Fishing Lakes Saraburi AKA ICW’s. Fishing in Thailand for grass carp, carp and Barbs

In this video, I and Big Dave visited The Camping and fishing lakes Saraburi, or as I like to call it ICW’s. It lake took me 1:30hr to get there from Bangkok. Ian has only owned the land for 12 weeks and has taken it from an overgrown jungle to an open fishing park in that time. It is amazing to see all the work that has been done. There are 4 lakes at the venue.

Dave and I fished the mixed species Lake and had Tilapia, Koi Carp, Java Barb, Pacu, Rohu Carp, climbing perch, and Gras Carp. 7 species in one day. Most of the fish came on the method feeder in the morning and the afternoon was Dave’s on the Waggler float. If you would like to Ian has tents so you can stay the night. There is a restroom with a shower at the lake. If you need any fishing gear rods etc. It’s all available for you. Ian has a good selection of baits but a word of advice the fish there are abdicated to bread. The food was superb Dave and I ordered from the Korean menu we had the chicken burger and it was lovely. Like a KFC zinger but better. All the best to Ian and his family on their new business venture. I am sure you will build this into a very interesting fishing location to have gone from a jungle to a fishing park where we can take out 7 species in a day is already a massive achievement.