Lure fishing for Giant Snakehead & Barramundi at Pilot 111

Rik Moore of Fishing Bangkok takes a visit to Pilot 111 – Grab your self a cuppa and enjoy the video vibers 🙂 We visited pilot 111 a lure only fishing park just outside of Bangkok Thailand. There are 8 lakes at the park. One is dedicated to Giant snake head and another to Chaophraya Catfish whereas the other 6 lakes have a mix of fish including Asian red tail catfish, amazon red tail catfish, Pacu, Barramundi / Asian sea […]

Why Thailand is a great place to go fishing

There are many fantastic countries around the world to visit, and you’ll find many great fishing resorts in them. There is no shortage of fantastic fishing destinations to choose from, and it is perfectly understandable if you find yourself slightly overwhelmed with options. If you are planning a trip, or you need justification for a great adventure, we are here to tell you why Thailand is a great place to go fishing. We will share some of the best reasons […]

Best Places To Visit In And Around Buriram

While only a modest proportion of the travellers who visit Bangkok make their way to Buriram, those who do find a lot to love about this part of the country. While there is a lot going on here, you definitely feel as though you are getting away from it all. In this regard, Buriram offers travellers the best of both worlds, and if you want to find the best places to visit in and around Buriram, we are here to […]

Chumphon Guide: Where To Go?

One of the best ways to explore Thailand is to get away from the main tourist traps and destinations. Yes, the leading resorts are great, and you can happily spend days, weeks, months and maybe even the rest of your life in these places. However, don’t you want to see more? Chumphon is found in the south of Thailand, and it is a place that is often overlooked by the masses who come here. Okay, this is slowly changing, but […]