Fishing in Thailand – The Overrated Anglers – Bungsamran – Public pier peg 100 – 22nd September 2022

In this vlog Dansak travels to Bungsamran, staying locally the night before. And fishing the next day session on his own at the very far end of the public pier on Bungsamran after a variety of species. The aim is to catch, Juliens Carp, Rohu Carp & other smaller species & hopefully avoid too many Stripped Catfish, Mekong Catfish & even Siamese Carp. Let’s see how he got on.

Fishing in Thailand – Teak Tree Lake Chiang Mai

Fishing in Thailand – Teak Tree Lake Chiang Mai. The three-day trip begins with John and Donna Gregory, great fishing & vibes! This week we are up north with Bruce at the beautiful Teak Tree lake. The weather was changeable and the first day was tricky with the predators dominating the captures. Fish including Tambaqui, Salaween catfish, Wallagoo Leri (unfortunately not captured on film), Amazon, and Asian red tails for John Gregory and a late Hovens saved the day for […]

Fishing in Thailand – BUNGSAMRAN 2022

Fishing in Thailand – BUNGSAMRAN 2022. Social with a great range of species, PB’s and a few beers.   We are back at the famous Bungsamran on the outskirts of Bangkok. Fishing with a social group lined up along the public pier enjoying some great fishing with a good range of species and personal bests set along the day. Laughter and banter filled the air and it was ‘Bite a chuck’ at times!!  

The Camping and Fishing Lakes Saraburi AKA ICW’s. Fishing in Thailand for grass carp, carp and Barbs

In this video, I and Big Dave visited The Camping and fishing lakes Saraburi, or as I like to call it ICW’s. It lake took me 1:30hr to get there from Bangkok. Ian has only owned the land for 12 weeks and has taken it from an overgrown jungle to an open fishing park in that time. It is amazing to see all the work that has been done. There are 4 lakes at the venue. Dave and I fished […]