Fishing in Thailand – BUNGSAMRAN 2022

Fishing in Thailand – BUNGSAMRAN 2022. Social with a great range of species, PB’s and a few beers.   We are back at the famous Bungsamran on the outskirts of Bangkok. Fishing with a social group lined up along the public pier enjoying some great fishing with a good range of species and personal bests set along the day. Laughter and banter filled the air and it was ‘Bite a chuck’ at times!!  

Video: The Overrated Angler Thailand Oz & Danzak Bungsamran 19th February 2022

On this week’s vlog, Oz & Danzak get up in the middle of the night to get to Bungsamran for before 1st light. The day proves to be a red letter day for Oz, possibly being his best days fishing ever! We Catch Juliens Carp, Hovens Carp, Siamese Carp, Mekong Catfish, Pleco Catfish, Black Eared Catfish, Striped Catfish & Talapia. Video Credits: The Overrated Angler Thailand

Video: BUNGSAMRAN 2021. Session on the public pier

Ozwaldo the great, Kim and Ian joined the Overrated angler for a day session on the public pier. The Juliens carp were on the feed and a couple of late Siamese carp were landed. Kim had some fun battling a cracking Mekong catfish and a few Chang beers were polished off when the sun had gone down. Video Credits: The Overrated Angler Thailand

Video: BUNGSAMRAN September 2021. Chao Phraya in very wet conditions

A great video made by the overrated anglers “Dan Hastings & John Harvey”! A trip to Bungsamran in special memory of Doug Isles for Leks fishery in Udon Thani who very sadly passed away recently he was loved by everyone he touched! Doug will be watching this above and laughing I’m sure of that;-) Looks like it was a little wet enjoy the video peeps! Video Credits: The Overrated Angler Thailand