Thailand’s Geography : A Brief Guide

Thailand covers an area of around 513,000 km2 (or 198,000 sq. mi) and it is the 51st largest country in the world. However, with a population of 66 million people, Thailand is the 20th most populous country you will find. Thailand has a number of borders, with Burma and Laos being found to the north, Laos and Cambodia being found to the east, Malaysia and the Gulf of Thailand lying to the south and to the west lies the Andaman […]

Things To Do In & Around Bangkok

It would probably be easier to tell you the things that you couldn’t do in and around Bangkok, as there is something for everyone in this city. No matter your age or what you are looking for, this Thai destination will ensure that you have plenty to keep you occupied and entertained. Enjoy a boat trip Public transport can be inconsistent in Bangkok. The Sky train is well worth using but the roads can become jammed at any time of […]