Camping & Fishing Lakes Saraburi

While Thailand offers so many brilliant attractions for tourists, and activities for locals, there is no denying there are many camping and fishing resorts to choose from. If your favourite way to get away from it all is to spend hours by the water, angling and camping, you have no shortage of stunning destinations to choose from. However, there is always room for something new, and the Camping & Fishing Lakes Saraburi resort is a fine addition to the range […]

Monster Fishing Park Phuket

Phuket has it all, and it is no surprise to see many people flock there on a regular basis. Whether you are visiting from afar or the main body of Thailand, it is good to get away, and it is even better to enjoy a trip when you are fishing. The online reviews suggest the Monster Fishing Park Phuket has a lot to offer, but we think you need to see and enjoy it for yourself. Where is the Monster […]

Wasana Fishing Park

There are many delights to sample in Thailand, and it is natural that people will want to do as much as they can during their stay here. If you are looking to combine the best of Thai social life with a fishing day or two, you need to find a fishing park that is close to a leading resort. In this regard, the Wasana Fishing Park is likely to be one of your best options. Where is the Wasana Fishing […]

Chumphon Fishing Resort

For a warm welcome, exotic fish and the feeling you are getting away from everything and everyone, what could be better than the Chumphon Fishing Resort? Where is the Chumphon Fishing Resort? While many people only see Chumphon as a stopping off point in between Thai destinations, this is far from the full story. Yes, the resort is smaller than many, but if you are looking for a fantastic fishing destination that allows you to escape from everything in the […]

Loei Jungle Fishing Lake

With the Loei Jungle Fishing Lake classed as the number one thing to do in Ban Tha Kham by TripAdvisor, you clearly have an attraction that is worth checking out. It is one thing for a venue of this nature to rank best amongst its peers, but to be classed as the number one tourist attraction in the area, it is clearly worth checking out. Okay, this might also suggest there isn’t an abundance of local attractions, but for many […]