Palm Tree Lagoon Day 2. Scaley Bangers!! Juliens, Albino silver and Rohu carp + Black shark Minnow

We are fishing on the second day of the two-day trip at the unique Palm Tree Lagoon lake. It’s early December and although warm to most the conditions are cold and tricky, nighttime temperatures dropping to 17C and it really affects the fishing. Chicken Danzak AKA Daniel Hastings, John Gregory, Ian Irving, and John Harvey fished hard and managed to get some good fish spanning the weekend, this video features day two of the two-day trip. There were Julien’s carp, an albino silver carp, Rohu carp, Black shark minnow, Siamese carp, Striped catfish, Mekong catfish along with Amazon and Leopard catfish gracing the net. As always…Tight line vibes!!