New Bungsamran and Camping and Fishing Lakes Saraburi Experience

Three is the magic number, and that applies to the number of days in this brilliant camping and fishing experience we have lined up for you.

We want you to see some of the best fishing resorts in Thailand, and by creating camping and fishing packages, we take care of everything for you. This means you can see the very best of what New Bungsramran Fishing Park has to offer, and take care of everything for you, including transport to and from the resort.


So, if you want to make the most of your time at Camping and Fishing Lakes Saraburi; and then squeeze in another day of fishing at one of the best resorts in Thailand, allow us to take care of everything for you.

This is a brilliant three-day break, where you will enjoy three nights with us, either camping or staying in a bamboo hut. We have lakes that are exclusively for camping, so you’ll find a brilliant space that ensures you get a good night’s rest. When you see the variety of fishing action we have lined up for you over the three days, you’ll need it!

Your fishing exciting itinerary includes:

  • 2 days at the Camping and Fishing Lakes Saraburi, comprised of
  • 1 day at the Family Lake
  • 1 day at the Carp Lake
  • 1 day at the New Bungsramran Fishing Park

Try both of our lakes

We take immense pride in having two different lakes at Camping and Fishing Lakes Saraburi, and both have their unique challenges and features.

The Carp Lake is very popular, and this isn’t a surprise given the way anglers love tackling carp. If you have struggled to catch a carp before, why not check out our lake, and see if you can get past this block?
Carp can grow to a large size and weight, and we know many people take a great sense of satisfaction out of capturing one of these fish. We will of course ensure you get a photo with your catch, ensuring you have lasting memories, and proof for those who might not believe your exploits!

Over 35 fish species with the largest residents being the Mekong catfish weighing in around 40kg!

The Family Lake is the perfect way to take things easier

There is always a good reason to fish at the Family Lake. Even if you are by yourself, this is a good chance to wind down, or build up. If you want an easy first or last day, the more relaxed pace of the Family Lake is likely to be an excellent choice.

Of course, this is also a brilliant destination for all the family. If you have youngsters who are developing the fishing bug, this is a brilliant lake for you and your youngsters to spend quality time together.

We stock around 30 different species of fish upto 18kg at the Family Lake, so there is plenty to keep anglers of all ages entertained and occupied.

You’ll see plenty of fish at New Bungsramran Fishing Park

If you want a touch of variety when you fish, you will adore New Bungsramran Fishing Park, as there are more than 40 species of fish here. With carnivorous and herbivorous fish here, there are plenty of challenges and ways for you to test your angling skills.

Leave it all to us

Okay, so we haven’t told you much about the details of the excursion, but that’s because we take care of everything for you.
When it comes to food and drink, we have you covered with meals and drinks every day. There will also be plenty of opportunity for you to top up your drinks and snacks if required.

Don’t worry about travel between both fishing resorts, as we have everything lined up. You’ll travel in great comfort, going from camp to camp, so you don’t have a thing to worry. Just sit back, relax, and take it easy, saving your energy for your fishing time!

We also have you covered when it comes to accommodation, as you’ll spend three nights with us at Camping and Fishing Lakes Saraburi. Whether you opt to camp or to stay in a bamboo hut, you’ll have a great nights sleep, and you don’t waste any time!
On the days where you fish with us, you can get ready for the day, and all the fishing, as soon as you wake. When we take you to New Bungsramran Fishing Park, we get an early start from our site, and we pack in as much fishing as possible.
Book and enjoy a brilliant three days of fishing and camping

There isn’t much more to say about our three-day trip covering New Bungsramran Fishing Park and Camping and Fishing Lakes Saraburi.

Contact us today and start looking forward to one of the finest fishing and camping trips on offer in Thailand.