Lure fishing for Giant Snakehead & Barramundi at Pilot 111

Rik Moore of Fishing Bangkok takes a visit to Pilot 111 – Grab your self a cuppa and enjoy the video vibers 🙂

We visited pilot 111 a lure only fishing park just outside of Bangkok Thailand.

There are 8 lakes at the park. One is dedicated to Giant snake head and another to Chaophraya Catfish whereas the other 6 lakes have a mix of fish including Asian red tail catfish, amazon red tail catfish, Pacu, Barramundi / Asian sea bass as well as some of the bigger Giant snakehead.

The cost to fish is 500b for the day. Opening and closing times very slightly so check before you go but its normally 6am till 5 or 6 pm.

If you would like to fish through the night this is possible only when you book the hotel room at the park. The rooms are 2000b a night and can be shared with up to 2 anglers so if you can share the room as I did that’s 1000b for the room and 500b for the fishing.

The food at the lake is very nice but be aware that the restaurant closes at 4:30pm and after that you need to feed yourself.

There is a 7-11 convenience store about 1 ½ mile away at the top of the road but you would really need transport to get there. After the park closes you are left alone, and we had no problem fishing until midnight and started again at about 4am. Well worth a trip and was good fun.

Watch the video: