Kanchanaburi Khao Laem Dam Dam Experience

When it comes to a fishing experience in Thailand that is unlike most of the fishing resorts, you should check out the Kanchanaburi Khao Laem Dam fishing resort. The beautiful mountain backdrop is the ideal setting, and if you are looking for a fishing resort that offers tranquillity, this is a tremendous option.

Where is the Kanchanaburi Khao Laem Dam?

Located in the province of Kanchanaburi, the third largest province in Thailand, this is a tremendous area in the western area of Thailand. The area is around 280 km to the north west of Bangkok, which equates to a four-hour drive. Therefore, if you are looking for an area to escape to, this resort in Khao Laem national park, is worth your time and attention.

Also, if you are looking to travel from in or around Bangkok, you will be delighted to know the resort offers a pick-up and drop-off service. You can take the stress out of getting to and from Kanchanaburi Khao Laem Dam from Bangkok by booking your trip in advance.

Important Kanchanaburi Khao Laem Dam updates in 2021

As you can imagine, sometimes thing change at short notice at fishing resorts right now, and Kanchanaburi Khao Laem Dam is no different. However, the resort is proactive in updating people as to any changes in their service.

If you want to ensure you make the most of your fishing time, follow the resort on social media, and you’ll see what is happening, if anything of note.

What are the Kanchanaburi Khao Laem Dam opening hours?

The resort is open seven days a week, with the core hours running between 8am and 5pm in the evening. It is not uncommon for anglers to enjoy fishing beyond these times, especially for the anglers staying at the resort, but if you plan for these times, you will not be disappointed.

What happens on arrival at Kanchanaburi Khao Laem Dam?

You are assured of a warm welcome when you arrive at Kanchanaburi Khao Laem Dam. You will be taken through the rules and regulations of the resort, and be given everything you need to make the most of your time here.

What fish are stocked at the Kanchanaburi Khao Laem Dam?

While the tranquillity and style of the resort is breath-taking, by itself, this isn’t enough for anglers to book a trip here. Thankfully though, there is an excellent range of fish stocked at the Kanchanaburi Khao Laem Dam.

There are three main species of carp on offer here, the Rohu carp, often referred to as the Indian Carp, and Mrigal, which is a small-scale mud carp. Both of these carp types are of Indian descent, but there is also the Thai black carp.

The Rohu carp can reach up to 22kg here while the black carp is known to reach 9kg, and the mrigal reaches 5kg here. These aren’t the largest fish on offer in Thailand, but you should find these challenging enough.

There is also catfish on offer here, including the yellow catfish and the Thai redtail catfish. With snakeheads, wallago attu, wallago leeri, marbled goby and featherback fish on offer, there is a great deal of fish to look out for.

For carp fishing at Kanchanaburi Khao Laem Dam, mid-September to mid-January is the peak fishing time.

Can I hire equipment at the Kanchanaburi Khao Laem Dam?

Yes. With many anglers travelling a good distance to reach Kanchanaburi Khao Laem Dam, a lot of people would rather not bring a great deal of fishing equipment with them. Therefore, you will be pleased to know that you can hire everything you need, including equipment and bait.

No matter what sort of fish you want to tackle here, you can get everything you need.

What happens if I lose equipment at the Kanchanaburi Khao Laem Dam?

As you would expect, there is a charge for equipment hired from the resort that is lost. While the charge is affordable, it is hopefully enough to minimise anglers taking unnecessary risks with equipment at the resort.

Is the Kanchanaburi Khao Laem Dam safe?

The Kanchanaburi Khao Laem Dam has a great reputation, and is seen as a safe fishing resort. The tranquil nature of the resort means that it isn’t too busy, and this helps to ensure there is a safe and measured to angling here.

If you are looking for a resort where you can fish in great confidence, this is a tremendous option to consider.

Are there additional packages available for the Kanchanaburi Khao Laem Dam?

You will receive all your food and drink during your stay as part of the package, which makes it even greater value. All meals can be eaten on the raft; and the accommodation also includes satellite TV and fully functional showers.

You can also enjoy the boat service, with a boat man included, allowing you greater freedom in catching the biggest and best fish.

All equipment and lure are included in your package, so you don’t need to worry about coming armed for a great duel!

Can I book a room at the Kanchanaburi Khao Laem Dam?

There are options between staying in a permanent house in town, or you can stay on the floating house at the resort! With the accommodation in town, everyone gets a room to themselves, but in the floating house, the sleeping arrangements are communal.

Both these property types are air-conditioned, so you can relax in comfort after the fishing.

The rooms are priced at 10,000 baht per night or 15,000 baht per night at the weekend.

Can I get a photograph with the fish I catch?

Yes, if you take a look at the Kanchanaburi Khao Laem Dam social pages, you will see many photos of happy anglers with their catch. When you reel in a great fish, listen to the guide, and they will be more than happy to talk you through the process of how best to take the picture.

As you would expect, the health and safety of the fish is the top priority, and if there is any discomfort, the fish will be returned to the water.

How do I book a trip to the Kanchanaburi Khao Laem Dam?

If you have read this far, it is likely the thought of fishing at the Kanchanaburi Khao Laem Dam is a hugely appealing one. We love it, and highly recommend it. It’s one of the leading fishing resorts in Thailand, and we’re delighted to say so many people have booked through us, and then got back in touch to tell us they’ve had a fantastic time.

We can provide you with everything you need from start to finish to ensure you have an excellent trip.

*Transfers are available from every major destination in Thailand, prices do vary depending on destination and to which fishery, please enquire via our website.