Fishing In Thailand Casts Off Any Concerns Over Thai Fishing Holidays

Fishing In Thailand was recently set up by Barry Gregory with the sole aim of making it easier for anglers to find the best fishing resort for their needs, as well as providing hands on support for other areas of their trip.

Barry is a hugely successful angler, with personal best fish including a 280lb Arapaima, a 102lb Siamese Carp and a 92lb Chao-Phraya Catfish, so he has personal experience of catching the biggest and best that Thailand has to offer. In addition, he has the highly credited Professional Angling Association coaching badges, more than 25 years in angling, has fished all over the world and was a member of one of the top coarse fishing teams in the UK.

There are numerous reasons to book a fishing trip in Thailand, but it can be difficult to arrange suitable accommodation, travel and ensure that the resort has the type of fishing that anglers have been dreaming of Fishing In Thailand aims to provide a comprehensive service that provides every element of what makes a stunning Thai fishing trip.

Fishing In Thailand offers a comprehensive booking and arrangement service for all anglers heading to Thailand. The firm, led by Barry Gregory, arrange airport transfers, accommodation, travel, nightlife and sessions at some of the most stylish and well-populated fishing resorts across the country, with the entire main tourist destinations comprehensively covered. Anyone looking to take the stress out of a Thai fishing trip should book with Fishing In Thailand.

Fishing In Thailand is a new company launched to provide the most comprehensive service for anyone looking to enjoy fishing in Thailand. Thailand is a country filled with many delights and attractions but in recent times, the growing fishing holiday industry has received a great deal of attention. There is an increasing level of supply of fishing resorts around Thailand and Fishing In Thailand aims to provide access to the best resorts in the most convenient, accessible and affordable way.

There are a number of leading fishing destinations across Thailand, and Fishing In Thailand is pleased to announce that they have resorts and accommodation options in all of the main resorts. Whether an angler is looking to fish in Cha Am, Bangkok, Krabi or Hua Hi, there is a range of resorts and destinations to choose from.

At the heart of the company is Barry Gregory, hailing originally from Kent, but someone who has been enjoying regular visits to Thailand for 15 years and who has recently moved to Thailand full-time. Barry can call on 25 years’ worth of experience in the fishing industry and 25 years of military service, so he understands the majesty of fishing and the importance of organisation and preparation.

The fact that he is just one of 25 people who have been invited to gain a Professional Angling Association coaching badge says everything people need to know about his skills. This is an accolade that few anglers receive and it is indicative of the fishing skills and talent on offer when booking with this company. With a strong fishing pedigree in the UK and Europe, including the management of fishing complexes and tackle shops, Barry is one of the most prominent fishermen to come from the UK.

At Fishing In Thailand, the focus is on providing a complete fishing holiday service. This means arranging transfers to and from airports, accommodation, travel to and from the fishing destinations and booking the all the important fishing resort itself. Available for clients coming to Thailand solely for a fishing holiday or for people holidaying in Thailand who want the convenience of having their fishing trip taken care of; Fishing In Thailand aims to be the one-stop destination for every fisher heading to Thailand.

One of the reasons why fishing in Thailand is so popular is down to the fact that there are great opportunities for anglers to make the biggest catch of their life. Whether an angler is looking for a massive haul, or they have a specific type of fish in mind, we provide a service that allows them to focus on catching the fish of their dreams. From the massive Arapaima fish, which can weigh well over 250lbs to other giant fish such as the Mekong Catfish or the Chao- Phraya Catfish, we ensure that anglers find the fishing resort that provides them with the best opportunity to catch the fish of their dreams.

Fishing in Thailand is also a great way to relax and enjoy the wonderful climate. There are a number of fishing resorts across Thailand where there is less of a focus on the size of the fish compared to the focus on the party and relaxation. No matter what sort of fishing trip an angler is looking for, Fishing In Thailand aims to provide a bespoke service that delivers a comprehensive holiday from start to finish.

With a chance to relax knowing that everything is taken care of, and having the chance to fish with one of the most prominent British match angler, Barry Gregory, “booking with Fishing In Thailand offers a once in a lifetime chance for all anglers”.