Thainana Thai Nana

When it comes to fishing, there is nothing wrong with simplicity. When it is just you, the water, your equipment and the fish, you can have a great time.

However, there is something special about a well-cultivated fishing resort, and it must be said that Thainana Thai Nana is a stunning resort that catches the attention.

The surroundings are fantastic, the sort of space where you would enjoy a walk or cycle, and that is before you think about the five lakes that are in place! There is a great range of fish and with the last couple of years being quiet for many fishing resorts in Thailand, the owners believe the fish are bigger than they have been.

That’s because even during lockdowns, the owners maintained the resort to a high standard, and ensured the fish were well-fed and maintained. Anglers can now reap the benefits of that, and if you are looking for a tremendous resort where you can fish to a high standard in Thailand, Thainana Thai Nana is for you.

Where is the Thainana Thai Nana?

Thainana Thai Nana is around one hour north of Bangkok, and an hour north of Bungsam Ran. This means it is fairly accessible, but also slightly removed. If you are the sort of person that likes to go fishing to escape from your everyday life, this is the sweet spot, and we can imagine it will be very popular.

What are the Thainana Thai Nana opening hours?

Thainana Thai Nana is open 24 hours a day, so whenever you want to fish, you can do. Some of the lakes have limited hours, so if there is a particular fish you want to capture, such as the arapaima or redtails, you should check in advance and book a space.


However, no matter when you are looking to fish, you will always have an option or two available to you.

What happens on arrival at Thainana Thai Nana?

As you’d expect from such a professionally run fishing resort, you are going to receive a positive welcome at Thainana Thai Nana. On arriving at the resort, we were met by a man on a golf cart, and we were driven directly to the reception area. That was a tremendous touch, saving time and energy, but also setting the bar for the highest standard of service at the resort.

You will get all the information you need to know, so pay attention and take on board what you are told.

With a good few lakes on offer, there are some specific rules you need to know for each lake, so take the time to understand what you need, and then look forward to a fantastic time by a lake or lakes.

What fish are stocked at the Thainana Thai Nana?

One of the most impressive aspects of Thainana Thai Nana is that it has five lakes, and each lake hosts a particular type of fish. This creates fantastic diversity, appealing to a broad range of anglers.

The Amazon lake has arapaima, redtails and Pacu in it, so more than enough to make the day interesting. There is a limited time on the Amazon lake, which opens at 8 in the morning, and remains available until 5 or 6pm. The arapaima can reach up to 100kg here, so if you are looking for a large fish to pit your wits against, you can do so here.

Redtail catfish


If you are determined to fish in this lake, it makes sense to book in advance.

The Mekong carp lake is popular, and there are some big fish on offer. If you are looking to catch one of the most majestic fish in Thailand, this is an option that will appeal to you. This lake is open 24 hours a day, and you can book out a space for 12 hours at a time.

If you are interested in catching seabass, there is a well-populated lake, and you can even take the fish home. Yes, when you book to fish here, you are allowed to take home up to 1kg of seabass at no additional cost!

There is also a snakehead lake, and this is becoming increasingly popular as anglers look for something a bit different. There is a charge for taking fish away with you, if you have been fortunate enough to catch anything.

For a fishing experience that stands apart from most Thai fishing adventures, why not check out the Tilapia lake? This is also open 24 hours a day, so no matter when you are in the mood to fish, you will have a great option at your disposal. The red tilapia is a very popular choice for anglers here.

It also seems as though the owners are keen to develop more fishing options at Thainana Thai Nana, with a striped catfish lake coming soon. The range of fishing options here will be a welcome treat for any angler, no matter your experience, and we were blown away by what was on offer.

Can I hire equipment at the Thainana Thai Nana?

Yes, this is an option available at Thainana Thai Nana, and the great thing is that there is some degree of flexibility. If you have fishing equipment of your own, and you would rather use that, you can do so. As you would expect, entry with your personal fishing equipment is more affordable than entry with rental options, so if you have your own gear and want to save money, you can do so.

If you don’t have any fishing equipment, rest assured that the gear on offer at Thainana Thai Nana is of a high standard, and will give you a great chance of capturing some of the biggest and strongest fish in the many lakes on offer here.

Is the Thainana Thai Nana safe?

Aligator Gar

We are pleased to say the team at Thainana Thai Nana takes safety seriously, and you receive a good on-boarding process when you arrive. Our time at the venue was a joy, and the online reviews suggest others feel the same way.

With guides on offer, if you follow the rules and fish safely, you should find Thainana Thai Nana is a safe and dependable fishing resort.

Are there additional packages available for the Thainana Thai Nana?

As Thainana Thai Nana is open 24 hours a day, many anglers will be looking to book a room or berth that allows to maximise fishing time and rest! There are fine shelters on some of the lakes, but you can book something more permanent if you are keen to enjoy proper rest and relaxation.

There are air-conditioned buildings, which are set on two levels, and there is a balcony area for you to look out on the resort.

There is also a restaurant and coffee shop in the resort, so whether you need a quick boost or something more substantial, there will be plenty on offer.

Can I book a room at the Thainana Thai Nana?

Yes, as outlined above, the 24-hour nature of the Thainana Thai Nana resort means that for some anglers, booking a room is essential, and you can do so at an affordable price. Having this space on site means you can catch a well-deserved bit of shut-eye, ensuring you are fresh and ready to go once again when you wake!

Can I get a photograph with the fish I catch?

For many anglers, the best part of the day is capturing a fish, and you want to have a great memento of this. On some of the lakes at Thainana Thai Nana, you can take fish away with you, so you will have all the proof you need.

However, this isn’t the case with all lakes, and of course, some anglers are keen to catch and release the fish back into the lake. If this is how you prefer to fish, you can still capture the moment with a photograph.

Guides are hand across the lakes, and they will make sure you follow safety procedures, keeping the fish safe while making sure you have a brilliant moment to share with friends and family members.

How do I book a trip to the Thainana Thai Nana?

We cannot recommend Thainana Thai Nana enough, it is a tremendous resort, and the five lakes give it a charm and presence that not many fishing resorts in Thailand live up to. If you are keen to sample the delights for yourself, we are more than happy to help you book a trip to Thainana Thai Nana.


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