Pilot 111 Fishing Park

Like most places in the world, the cost of living in Bangkok has been rising of late. In the grand scheme of things, travellers can still enjoy the city without breaking the bank compared to their traditional home life, but there is no denying that Bangkok isn’t home to as many bargains as it used to.

This is annoying to guests and travellers, but if it means locals and residents are earning a fairer wage for their great work, it isn’t always a bad thing. It does mean that people might need to look a little further to find the best value for money in Thailand and Bangkok these days, but this is just one of the reasons why Pilot 111 is an ideal fishing park to look out for.

This resort is developing a reputation as one of the leading “low cost fishing resorts” in Bangkok, which is great, but of course, value means many different things to many people.

What fish are on offer at Pilot 111?

With four lakes and ten separate ponds, you have an abundance of fish on offer at Pilot 111, with lure and fly fishing on offer, and there are plenty of predator fish species here. There are ponds for:

  • Barramundi
  • Giant snakehead
  • Pacu
  • Chao Phraya catfish
  • Asian redtail catfish
  • Nile tilapia

You should also keep an eye out for Amazon redtail catfish, spotted Featherback, Shovelnose catfish, Mekong catfish and Burmese carp available in the resort. Some of these fish are extremely difficult to catch, so you might not be able catch them all, but if you are looking for a varied fishing trip, this is the resort you’ll love.

Are the fishing facilities good at Pilot 111?

With fishing salas on every lake, there is always good cover, no matter the weather at Pilot 111. Whether it is sunny or raining, you can stay undercover, ensuring you enjoy the very best

Food and drink on offer at Pilot 111

You’ll love the food and drink on offer at Pilot 111, serving up a great selection of English and Thai dishes. There is also a broad range of soft drinks and beer on offer, so whatever delicacy or drink you fancy, it will be on hand here.

Also, anyone staying over at the resort can enjoy breakfast at the resort, setting them up for a fantastic day of fishing.

Can I get a photo with fish I catch at Pilot 111?

Of course you can, but at all times, please follow the guidance of guides at the lake. In most cases, there will be no problem in taking a photo with the fish you capture, but at all times, the health and wellbeing of the fish is paramount.

You might need to get into the water to have your photo taken with your catch.

Can I hire equipment and buy bait?

If you require to hire or buy equipment, you’ll find everything you need at Pilot 111. Whether this is a rod, bait or additional fishing equipment, you can buy or hire whatever you need.

Can I stay the night at Pilot 111?

Anyone looking to maximise their time at Pilot 111 will appreciate the air-conditioned rooms on offer. Guests are welcome to arrive from noon, and can stay until noon the following day, with the cost of the air-conditioned room coming in at 2,000 THB.

A room is spacious enough for four guests, and there is a complimentary breakfast for two guests.

What happens on arrival at Pilot 111?

As soon as you arrive at Pilot 111, a warm and pleasant welcome awaits. The staff is eager to help with your luggage and show where everything in the resort is located; they will also point out any rules or guidance that may be necessary for visitors’ enjoyment at their new home away from home (i.e., fishing).

Is Pilot 111 a safe resort?

With its relaxed atmosphere, family-friendly policies and safe environment Pilot 111 is the perfect destination for any traveling companion looking to enjoy themselves while they’re on vacation.

Pilots are always happy and willing ensure that every guest feels comfortable in our resort so please remember: if you follow guidelines issued upon arrival at the property then there’s nothing else necessary when it comes down safety standards here!

Book your stay at Pilot 111

If you love fishing, or would like to give it a try, Pilot 111 is the perfect place for you. With a wide variety of fish to choose from, and great facilities on offer, you can be sure that your trip will be enjoyable.

So if you are looking for a great fishing trip at an affordable price, Pilot 111 is the place to go. The friendly staff and wide range of fish on offer make it a must-visit destination for any angler. Book your trip today!

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