Palm Tree Lagoon

One of the best things about fishing is that it is a simple past-time that people love. There is no need to complicate matters. This is why modest fishing resorts with a strong and dependable range of fish are often a better choice than fancy fish resorts which have so many distractions. If you are keen to fish with no worries, booking a trip to the Palm Tree Lagoon will be well worth it.

Where is the Palm Tree Lagoon?

Palm Tree Lagoon is located in Ratchaburi, which is well placed for people coming from Bangkok and Hua Hin. The lake is found less than a two-hour drive from Bangkok (to the west) as well as being one and half hours north of Hua Hin.

It is possible to reach Ratchaburi by train, coach or minibus. If you are looking to travel to the lake, there is a number of options on offer:

  • Minibus from Mo Chit minibus station (Bangkok) to Ratchaburi
  • Minibus from Victory Monument minibus station (Bangkok) to Ratchaburi
  • Mininus from Hua Hin to Ratchaburi
  • Coach from Bangkok South Bus Terminal
  • Coach from Ekkamai Bus Terminal

If you are looking to arrange a transfer to or from the lake, there is a number of options on offer:

  • Suvarnabhumi Airport – Palm Tree Lagoon
  • Bangkok – Palm Tree Lagoon
  • Bangkok – Palm Tree Lagoon – Bangkok
  • Pattaya – Palm Tree Lagoon
  • Pattaya – Palm Tree Lagoon – Pattaya
  • Hua Hin – Palm Tree Lagoon
  • Hua Hin – Palm Tree Lagoon – Hua Hin
  • Cha Am – Palm Tree Lagoon
  • Cha-Am – Palm Tree Lagoon – Cha-Am

What are the Palm Tree Lagoon opening hours?

The fishing hours at the lake are between 8am and 8pm, so anglers can enjoy 12 hours of fishing a day at Palm Tree Lagoon.

What fish are stocked at the Palm Tree Lagoon?

While this lake is a modest one, at 3 acres, it holds a number of fish, and some large fish.

The Arapaima at the lake weighs up to 226 while the Mekong Catfish are up to 137kg. The Stringray have been found at over 100kg while the Chao Phraya Catfish are just under the 100kg mark.

Other fish of significant weight include the Amazon Redtail catfish, the Thai Redtail catfish, the Wallago Leeri, the Wallago Attu, the Goonch, the Pacu and a wide range of carp.

There are more than 100 species in total, including predatory and non-predatory fish. The fish in the lake originate predominantly from Thailand, but there are also fish from China and South America.

What is the day rate at Palm Tree Lagoon?

There is a range of options to consider at the Palm Tree Lagoon. For standard price, each angler receives 2 predator rods and 2 carp/Mekong rods.

There is also a special fishing rate per day, which is applicable when booking three days or more.

If you are looking to fish for only carp or Mekong, which means you aren’t fishing for predatory species,  each angler receives 4 carp/Mekong rods.

Anyone who books for a minimum of seven days at the Palm Tree Lagoon will receive an additional day free of charge.

It is also possible to book the exclusive use of the lake. This is possible when you have a group of at least three anglers, and you are booking the standard package. If you make this booking at a time when no other anglers are booked into the resort, a non-refundable deposit of 35% will guarantee exclusive use of the resort.

A minimum of three days must be booked to qualify for this offer during the peak months of November to February, and April.

This package includes rod and tackle hire, a suitable amount of bait, a full-time guide and applicable transfers to and from the resort.

Can I hire equipment at the Palm Tree Lagoon?

As you would expect, bait and tackle is provided with the day ticket fee, but it is possible to buy extra bait at the resort. Guests are not allowed to bring their own bait to the resort.

Any angler wishing to use their personal tackle when fishing here can do so, but the equipment must be checked by one of the guides. Tackle which is suitable for fishing in some countries, such as the UK, are not of a sufficient power for fishing in Thailand. Please bear this in mind before travelling.

What happens if I lose equipment at the Palm Tree Lagoon?

Lost, broken or damaged equipment needs to be replaced, and the resort might decide to charge anglers if they believe their actions have led to equipment being unusable.

Is the Palm Tree Lagoon safe?

The Palm Tree Lagoon resort is a catch and release fishery. There will be a guide on hand to assist people with netting and handling fish. The guides decision on fish care is final, and all guests are advised to listen carefully to any instructions offered by the guide.

The resort has a policy of winding in rods if another angler is pursuing a large fish that might go through your swim. This is done to help maintain the safety of the fish, but equally, it minimises the likelihood of problems going wrong with the capture.

All anglers would be annoyed if they lost an impressive catch because of entanglement with other tackle, so this action minimises frustration when fishing.

Fish are only weighed if there is a potential for a record. The main focus for the guides is the well-being of the fish, and fish will be released immediately if they show signs of stress.

Are there additional packages available for the Palm Tree Lagoon?

You will be pleased to know there is a high-quality restaurant at the lagoon, and it operates between 8am and 10pm every day. There is a mixture of Thai dishes and Western food on offer, so no matter what you are looking for when eating, you will find it here.

The restaurant overlooks the lake, so you can enjoy stunning views when dining.

Can I book a room at the Palm Tree Lagoon?

While there is no accommodation directly at the Palm Tree Lagoon, the resort has a number of local hotels they recommend, and they are happy to book rooms for guests.

Can I get a photograph with the fish I catch?

Yes, but please be aware of the guidelines used by the resort when it comes to taking photographs with fish. Large fish and fish that appear fragile are not allowed to taken out of the water. All anglers looking to have a photo with their fish will need to enter the water.

The fish should be held low and close to the water. The guide will advise at all times about the suitability of taking a photo with the fish.

How do I book a trip to the Palm Tree Lagoon?

If you have read this far, it is likely the thought of fishing at the Palm Tree Lagoon is a hugely appealing one. We love it, and highly recommend it. It’s one of the leading fishing resorts in Thailand, and we’re delighted to say so many people have booked through us, and then got back in touch to tell us they’ve had a fantastic time.

We can provide you with everything you need from start to finish to ensure you have an excellent trip.

*Transfers are available from every major destination in Thailand, prices do vary depending on destination and to which fishery, please enquire via our website.

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