NoomFish456 Fishing Resort

NoomFish456 fishing resort located in Nakhon Pathom is the perfect getaway for anglers. The resort has 1 lake with 20+ fish species. The bungalows at the resort where anglers can stay ranges between 800 baht and 4,500 baht per night. Fishing rods can be hired for 250 baht for 24 hours. Food/drinks/fishing bait are available at the resort.

What fish are on offer at Noomfish456?

The lake at NoomFish456 is well-stocked with a variety of fish, including Mekong catfish, Swai catfish, Siamese carp, and Arapaima – the largest fish at the resort weighing in at up to 120kg. The staff at NoomFish456 are friendly and knowledgeable, and they are more than happy to help anglers of all skill levels have a successful day of fishing.

Food and drink on offer at Noomfish456

In addition to being a great place to go fishing, NoomFish456 also offers its guests a variety of food and drink options. There is a restaurant on-site that serves both Thai and Western food, and there is also a bar where guests can enjoy refreshing beverages after a long day of fishing.

Can I get a photo with fish I catch at Noomfish456?

We all know having a photo with your catch is one of the most important parts of a fishing trip. You’ll be glad to know this service is available at Noomfish456, but equally, you know the health and wellbeing of the fish takes top priority.

So, if you want to take a photo with a fish you catch, you might need to get into the water. The guide on hand will advise you of what will happen, and if at any point, the fish looks to be in distress, the photo opportunity will stop, and the fish will be returned to the lake.

In the long-term, this is a sound policy that protects the fish, and all the anglers, but in the vast majority of cases, it should be possible to enjoy a photo with your catch at this resort.

Can I hire equipment and buy bait?

Yes, the resort caters to all sorts of anglers, including people holidaying in Thailand. They know that not everyone has access to fishing equipment here, so whatever you need, you can hire or buy at a reasonable price.

Can I stay the night at Noomfish456?

Yes, with a range of bungalows on offer, it is possible for guests to stay the night, or even a few nights at the resort. At the price range indicates, with options available between 800 and 4,500 baht, there is something for everyone.

If you are looking for a budget place to stay, or you want a simple setup, you’ll love the simple bungalows on offer here. However, if you need the comforts of home and you are camping with a few people, the larger bungalows will have everything you are looking for.

Whether you need additional bedrooms, TV, fridge and air conditioning, you will find everything you need on hand, ensuring you can relax in the evening. If you are looking to make the most of your time by the lake, get a great night’s sleep on site, and get ready to rock in the morning!

What happens on arrival at Noomfish456?

If you have been at any fishing resort in Thailand before, you know you are in for a warm and pleasant welcome arrival, and this is certainly the case at Noomfish456. There is a helpful team who will assist you with luggage, and point out where everything is.

Of course, there are administrative issues to attend with on arrival, and there are rules to follow at the resort. There isn’t anything unusual or too arduous to deal with, but given the importance of safety at a fishing resort, it is crucial to know what is expected of guests.

As soon as the introduction is over, you can make your way to your bungalow to get set up, or head directly to the lake to enjoy the real reason you came, the fishing!

Is Noomfish456 a safe resort?

There is no denying Noomfish456 is a relaxed and friendly resort, and certainly one that is family friendly. The team at the resort take great steps to provide a safe environment, and the location is very well taken care of.

A lot of the time safety depends on the guests, but if people follow the guidelines issued upon arrival at the resort, we believe there is nothing to worry about when it comes to the safety standards of Noomfish456.

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NoomFish456 fishing resort located in Nakhon Pathom is the perfect getaway for anglers looking to relax and catch some big fish. With 1 lake stocked with 20+ different fish species, comfortable bungalows, and plenty of food and drink options, NoomFish456 has everything an angler needs for a perfect vacation, making it the ideal resort to book for a day, or even a stay.

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