Krabi Fishing Park

Planning a fishing trip to Thailand and looking for the best spot? Look no further than the Krabi Fishing Park in Ao Nang. With freshwater lake and more than 20 species of fish on offer, including some of the fiercest Asian predators, you’re sure to reel in a big one! And with experienced guides on hand, you’ll be sure to have an enjoyable day on the water. So, book your day fishing today and see what Krabi’s Fishing Park has in store for you!

Where is Krabi Fishing Park?

Krabi Fishing Park is located close to Ao Nang, in Southern Thailand.

Do I need to book my time at Krabi Fishing Park?

Yes, Krabi Fishing Park requires anglers to reserve their time with them, and a slot must be booked at least one hour in advance.

What fish are stocked at the Krabi Fishing Park?

Krabi Fishing Park is proud to offer some of the most famous Asian predators in the freshwater lake at the resort. A comprehensive list of the fish on offer, and the expected weight for them, can be found below:

· Black Pacu (Pla Jaramet Dam) up to 40kg

· Giant Siamese Carp (Pla Cohor) up to 200kg

· Gourami up to 4kg

· Iridescent shark (swai) up to 44kg

· Koi Carp Krabi up to 20kg

· Mekong giant catfish (Pla buek) up to 290kg

· Nile tilapia up to 2kg

· North African Sharptooth Catfish up to 60kg

· Pla Chon (Arapaima paiche) up to 200kg

· Pla Raed Krabi up to 8kg

· Pla Tapian (Java Barb) up to 3kg

· Red Devil (Pla Tubtim) up to 3kg

· Redtail Catfish up to 100kg

· Ret Thong Giant (Golden Gourami) up to 25kg

· Ripsaw Catfish (Oxydoras niger) up to 100kg

· Rohu (Pla Yeesok Tad) up to 50kg

· Snakehead (Pla Chon Ngoo Aow) up to 25kg

· Takok Tapien (Pla Ta Kok) up to 25kg

· Walking catfish up to 2kg

· Yeesok Thai (Jullien’s golden carp) up to 70kg

This should provide even the most experienced of anglers a great challenge, and there will be a fish for everyone at Krabi Fishing Park.

What are the Krabi Fishing Park hours?

The team behind the Krabi Fishing Park knows there is no such thing as ideal hours that suit everyone. This is why they try to be as flexible as possible in supporting the requirements of anglers attending Krabi Fishing Park, which is why the lake is available 24 hours a day for fishing!

As always, a touch of politeness goes a long way, so be sure to ask at reception or any of the guides if you don’t want your day of fishing to end.

What happens on arrival at Krabi Fishing Park?

While you will want to start fishing as soon as possible, there is administrative work to attend to when you arrive at Krabi Fishing Park. You will be greeted warmly at reception, and the rules of the lake are laid out. This is a quiet lake in a beautiful setting, so boisterous behaviour which is perhaps tolerated at other fishing resorts in Thailand, is not the done thing here.

This is a beautiful resort that offers the chance to relax and take things easy. The palm trees in attendance will ensure you are calm, and ready to be at one with nature as you enjoy a day fishing.

Can I book a room at the Krabi Fishing Park?

While you cannot book a room directly at the Krabi Fishing Park, there are many fantastic hotel and accommodation options nearby in Ao Nang, which is a sub-district of Krabi Province. Given this area is a known tourist attraction, and a short distance from Krabi International Airport.

There are five-star hotels close-by, including Banyan Tree, Centara and Dusit Thani; all of which are located within 15 minutes’ drive of Krabi Fishing Park. If you’re keen to stay at one of these hotels, transport to and from the lake is easy to arrange. There is also a shuttle bus service on request, so no matter where you are based, you’ll find it is simple to get to and from Krabi Fishing Park.

What food is on offer at Krabi Fishing Park?

As there is no residential offering at Krabi Fishing Park, the choice of food on offer isn’t as extensive as it is in some other resorts, but you will still be able to find food here if you are hungry. As you’d expect, snacks and drinks are on offer, and you’ll find everything you need at reception, or just ask one of the many guides available at the resort.

Can I get a photograph with the fish I catch?

Of course you can, this is one of the most important features of fishing at a lake for many anglers.

However, the most important aspect is the safety of the fish, so photography with fish is only allowed when a guide is present, and able to assist you. If the guide has concerns about the condition or well-being of the fish, you will not be allowed to take the fish out of the water.

In most cases, you will be in the water as the photograph is taken, and please follow instructions of the guide at all times.

Fishing resorts in Thailand don’t come more appealing than Krabi Fishing Park, and if you want to fish in splendour, this stunning freshwater lake is the ideal destination. You have plenty of options to consider in South Thailand, but this is an option you will love.

With an extensive range of fish on offer, and the chance to fish around the clock, Krabi Fishing Park is likely to be a top destination for fishing in Thailand for some time to come.


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