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The heightened level of interest in fishing trips in Thailand may have been spurred on by the number of television productions and shows that have focused on the area, but the variety and range of fisheries on offer in the country has helped to provide something for everyone. While there are plenty of fishing resorts found on the coastlines of Thailand, there are also in-land fishing areas that provide alternative fishing options for people enjoying a break or who are working in the country.

IT Monsters Lake is a perfect example of the latter style of fishing resort and as the name suggests, there are plenty of big fish to catch your attention. IT Monsters Lake is found in the province of Ratchaburi, which is around two hours’ drive from Bangkok. This means that this fishery is a popular choice for day-trippers and people looking to stay at the resort for a couple of days. There are plenty of native and imported fish available in this fishery with one of the star attractions being the volume of Amazon Red Tail Catfish. This is a fish that has a number of tactics for dealing with and evading anglers so if you are looking for a challenge, you will find plenty to enjoy at IT Monsters Lake.

IT Monsters Lake Fishery Information

The lake is approximately 6 acres and the depth level of the lake varies between 6ft and 20ft. The lake is ideal for lure fishing, fly fishing and bait fishing. The team at the lake are more than happy to provide assistance in helping you to enjoy your day and there are a variety of packages on offer to ensure you find the best way to enjoy your time at IT Monsters Lake. If you are looking to fish for a particular type of fish, inform the guides and they will ensure that you are in the right location with the correct form of bait.

The Arapaima is one of the most popular fish in the country and you will have a chance to fish for this magnificent creature with full support from the guides at the lake.

IT Monsters

Species and Weights

Given that monster is in the title of this fishery, you would expect there to be some big fish around and when it comes to big fish in Thailand, you don’t get much bigger than the Arapaima. IT Monster Lake boasts Arapaima which come in at over 150lbs, so you will have a challenge on your hands if you want to reel one of these fish in. You will also find the Siamese Giant Carp, and this type of fish generally grows to over 100lbs. The park is well known for the Red Tail Catfish and these come in at around 80lbs and over at the IT Monster Lake.

There is also a great range of smaller and lighter fish to look out for include the Barramundi, the Featherback, the Arowana, the Sorobium, Snakeheads and the Chao Phraya Catfish. There is also the Alligator gar to look out for, giving you plenty of species to keep an eye out for.

IT Monsters

On-site Facilities

Lunch is provided at the IT Monster Lake and while the on-site facilities are simple, they provide you with everything you need to enjoy your day. There is a chance to buy bait, tackle and anything you need to make the most of your fishing trip. There is also a store where food and drink can be bought, there are washroom facilities and there is also a covered area where you can enjoy lunch and relax during your trip.

Fishing Packages for IT Monsters Lake

Package includes Rod Hire x 2, Tackle, Adequate allowance of Bait, Fishing Guide, Meal (Breakfast or Lunch) £POA

Top 3 Things To Do In The Local Area

The Ratchaburi National Museum is a top tourist destination in the local area and the museum has been operating since 1988. The museum is located in what was once the town hall, and the building dates back to 1922, offering a sense of history all by itself. If you are keen to learn more about the history of the province and see many of the artefacts and collections of the area, this is an ideal place to visit.

If you enjoy traditional buildings, take the time to visit Wat Phra Si Ratana Mahathat. Similar in style to Angkor Wat, this temple can be found a moderate walk away from the popular night market area of the province. While there have been major renovations in recent years, the temple remains stunning and there are many archaeological works taking place in the grounds.

If you are keen to see monks in their natural habitat or you have particular interest in their faith, a trip to Khao Wang is in order. Built to house a group of Portuguese envoys, this brightly coloured building plays host to around 30 monks. There is a great view of the city to be enjoyed from here.

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