Hua Hin Fishing Lodge

While there are many popular tourist attractions in Thailand, Hua Hin is one of the leading locations for a vast array of reasons. It is not as though fishing is a priority for the many guests and visitors who attend the area, but if you are a keen angler, the Hua Hin Fishing Lodge is likely to be one of the best attractions you’ll find.

At just 10km from the heart of Hua Hin, this resort is easy to reach. If you are staying in the area, enjoying a great stay, you will hopefully be able to find some time to slip away and enjoy a fantastic day, or days, worth of fishing.

One thing to note from the start when it comes to the Hua Hin Fishing Resort is that it is closed every Thursday. Once you are aware of this, it becomes easier to plan your stay but if you don’t know, it might lead to an embarrassing or annoying situation if you turn up on a Thursday to find the place closed!

Where is the Hua Hin Fishing Resort?

We’ve already stated that the Hua Hin Fishing Resort is just 10km from the town centre, but if you are looking for a focal point with respect to Bangkok, it is a bit further away. The resort is less than three hours from Bangkok, which is an easy trip for any traveller, but equally, it should serve as a reminder that not everything in Thailand is centred around Bangkok.

Hua Hin is growing in popularity, and many guests already love it, coming back regularly. The fishing resort is just one of the many attractions which place Hua Hin on the map.

Important Hua Hin Fishing Resort updates in 2021

Let’s be honest, the world has changed considerably in recent times, and things are evolving quickly. The Hua Hin Fishing Resort website is your ideal source of news and information as to what the resort is doing to keep guests safe, and provide a fantastic fishing trip for guests.

The site is open, and as you would expect, they have put in additional stops and measures to ensure everyone stays safe. To make sure you are fully informed, check out the website before heading off.

What are the Hua Hin Fishing Resort opening hours?

The resort allows fishing between 09.00 and 18.30, so you have plenty of time to enjoy fishing here.

What fish are stocked at the Hua Hin Fishing Resort?

The resort website lists 44 species of fish at the Hua Hin Fishing Resort, so you have plenty of options to consider when fishing at this lodge.

Like most lodges in Thailand, the Arapaima are the star attraction at the resort, but the Lodge will tell you themselves that they don’t have the largest Arapaima. The stock here ranges in weight from 25kg to 80kg. There are other resorts which offer heavier fish, but when it comes to value for money, this is one of the leading options in the country.

Prices are reasonable when it comes to fishing resorts in Thailand, but you get a lot for your money. The resort claims to take care of everything, and they certainly make the process of enjoying a great days fishing very easy.

Your day ticket price includes being picked up and dropped off. This is applicable for hotels, guest houses or even your accommodation in the local-ish areas. If anyone requires travel from a further destination, such as Bangkok, please contact the resort for more details.

This is available every day apart from Thursday from between 08.30 for pickup and 18.30 for the return journey. Anyone travelling from Cha Am or Pranburi will be picked up at 09.00 and the return trip departs at 18.00.

The package also allows access to the whole site, which includes two ponds, and each guest will receive up to two rods. These rods are fully tackled and baited, one with bread, the other with dead bait.

You can also help yourself to on-demand coffee, tea or water, while there are soft drinks and ice buckets on offer. The day ticket also provides guests with a lunch and fruit platter. This can be enjoyed in the restaurant or by the lakeside.

You can also enjoy additional drinks or meals at an extra cost.

Is the Hua Hin Fishing Resort safe?

The resort does its best to provide a safe environment for fish and anglers. As such, they don’t allow people to bring their own bait or allow people to bring their own food and drink. There are free options provided, so you don’t have to miss out, but of course, if you are looking to buy more, you can do so in purchasing from the Lodge.

Are there additional packages available for the Hua Hin Fishing Resort?

As is the case for many fishing resorts, the Hua Hin Fishing Resort can boast of a well-regarded restaurant. There is catering for anglers, and all the family. With a fantastic selection of Thai and Western dishes, there is something for every diner.

There is a great selection of chilled beers and wine, while there are also soft drinks for those who don’t partake in alcohol. There is a fantastic selection of ice cream, snacks, coffee and tea.

If you are looking to take a break from fishing, but you are still in a competitive spirit, the pool table in the lounge is a tremendous addition. This space is exclusively for customers at the Lodge, so if you want to relax in great surroundings, surrounded by good people; it is a tremendous spot. It is a full size, match-quality pool table, so if you have great skills, this is the place to spend your down-time.

Can I book a room at the Hua Hin Fishing Resort?

Yes. There are two rooms in a linked bungalow available at the Hua Hin Fishing Resort, with each room comfortably sleeping three people. A group of six can book out the entire bungalow if they desire.

Are there activities for children at the Hua Hin Fishing Resort?

One thing that sets the Hua Hin resort apart from other resorts is that it has a play area for children. With swings, rope climbers, a train and an activity frame, your youngsters will be amused and entertained for some time. Also, there is a great selection of mango trees at the playground, providing cover from the sun or shelter from the rain, depending on how the weather feels that day!

The play area is far enough away from the ponds so as to not disturb your fishing, but close enough to ensure the whole family can have a great time!

Can I get a photograph with the fish I catch?

A “trophy” photograph is allowed at the resort, but guests must get into the water, and anglers can only handle the fish when there is a guide present.

This will take place in the de-stressing pond, and there is easy access for anglers to get in and out of the water.

The Hua Hin Fishing Resort clearly care about the well-being of the fish on their site, and they explain the process very clearly on their site. They also offer a lot of information about the fish, and why so much care and attention must be displayed when capturing a photo of the fish. If you are interested in this information, make sure you check out what the site has to say.

How do I book a trip to the Hua Hin Fishing Resort?

If you have read this far, it is likely the thought of fishing at the Hua Hin Fishing Resort is a hugely appealing one. We love it, and highly recommend it. It’s one of the leading fishing resorts in Thailand, and we’re delighted to say so many people have booked through us, and then got back in touch to tell us they’ve had a fantastic time.

We can provide you with everything you need from start to finish to ensure you have an excellent trip.

*Transfers are available from every major destination in Thailand, prices do vary depending on destination and to which fishery, please enquire via our website.

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