Krabi Fishing Resort

Krabi, in the South of Thailand, is often referred to as one of the most relaxing places in the world. With this in mind, it makes perfect sense that fishing is an activity in high demand here. You have options to consider, but there is no doubt Gillhams Fishing Resorts is a popular choice for many anglers heading to this part of Thailand.

Where is the Gillhams Fishing Resorts?

The resort is handily located for so many locations, which is best exemplified by the areas they include transfers from. Transfers are included in the cost of staying at the resort, and can be arranged to and from Krabi Airport, Krabi Town, Ao-Nang, Nopparat Thara, Ao-Nammao, Klong Muang or Tubkaak. All of these destinations are within 20 to 30 minutes of the Gillhams Fishing Resort.

What are the Gillhams Fishing Resorts opening hours?

Gillhams Fishing Resort prides itself on being 24 hours a day resort, but if you are only interested in the fishing hours, there is a more modest time scale!

If you are staying at the resort, you can fish between 7am and 8pm. If you have a day ticket for the resort, you can fish between 8am and 7pm.

What fish are stocked at the Gillhams Fishing Resorts?

The 12-acre lake at Gillhams is stocked with more than 50 species of fish, from all corners of the world! There are five species in the resort which can come in at more than 100lb, including:

  • Arapaima up to 560lb
  • Chao Phraya Catfish up to 160lb
  • Mekong Catfish up to 300lb
  • Siamese Carp up to 200lb
  • Wallago Leeri up to 150 lb

There are also many species which are close to the 100lb mark, such as the Amazon Redtail Catfish.

There is also a smaller lake for guests at the resort, which hosts 27 different species of fish, and these weigh up to 45lb. This is a lake meant for fun, as opposed to the massive challenge posed by the main lake. There is an additional charge for fishing in this lake, with an hourly rate applicable.

What is the day rate at Gillhams Fishing Resorts?

When you visit the Gillhams Fishing Resort website and look for prices, you’ll see they are hesitant to show prices for fishing with them. They offer a valid reason for doing so, stating they offer a range of accommodation types and fishing days, and they don’t want to confuse people. They instead ask people to contact them to receive a tailored quote.

On one hand, this is helpful as it makes sure people know the price of the package they are looking for. However, many fishing resorts in Thailand manage to offer an extensive list of options and prices without confusing people.

When you are reviewing your options, price will always be a factor. There is no denying that Gillahms Fishing Resort is an excellent choice for anglers, and there are many positive reviews of the resort, but you feel many prospective fishermen or women will decide against fishing here because of the initial barrier to researching the prices.

The website also states that day tickets are only sold when the accommodation is full, and no half days are allowed, only full days. Day ticket anglers can only fish between 8am and 7pm, which means the boarders enjoy an additional hour of fishing at the start and end of the day.

Can I hire equipment at the Gillhams Fishing Resorts?

The resort claims to be sponsored by some of the leading tackle companies, and that all the equipment they offer is in good condition. The resort also states that the equipment they provide is tailored to the fish on offer.

All anglers receive two free spirit CatTamer rods, two Daiwa Infinity 5500 bait runner reels, two electronic bite alarms with Fox swingers, a solar rod pod, all end tackle, a kg of boilies, two kg of pellets and half a kilo of fish every day.

It is possible for guests to buy additional bait, as well as an additional rod.

Gillhams Fishing Resort doesn’t allow anglers to use their own bait. They state this is down to a spate of incidents where rival fisheries have threatened to use poisoned bait.

What happens if I lose equipment at the Gillhams Fishing Resorts?

As you would expect, any lost, damaged or broken equipment will have to be replaced, which incurs a cost for the resort. Therefore, Gillhams are likely to charge anglers for any equipment which is no longer able to be used by other fishers in the future.

Is the Gillhams Fishing Resorts safe?

Gillhams Fishing Resorts pride itself on being a family-friendly fishing resort, and there is a high level of safety attained here.

There are also English-speaking fish guides who operate to a ratio of one guard for every four anglers. This ensures anglers can receive help if required, but it also means that there are people on hand who can offer support or assistance if required.

Are there additional packages available for the Gillhams Fishing Resorts?

Something which sets this resort apart from other fishing resorts is the Benz Spa and Cookery School, which overlooks the lake. If you are looking to unwind, the spa is the ideal setting with four massage beds, a steam room, a jacuzzi and infinity pools.

The landscaped gardens look fantastic with the ornamental fish pond being a highlight of the area.

The Cookery School is a fun way to spend your time, perhaps learning new skills, or looking for a way to challenge yourself in a different competitive environment. If you want to learn more about Thai dishes, this is an excellent way to learn, and of course, you get to enjoy your own cooking at the end of it!

The meal you prepare will be served in one of the gardens or the elevated salas. All participants will receive documents detailing the cooking methods, the recipes, ingredients and you can even receive a certificate of completion. The cost of the five-dish menu is 1,200 baht.

Can I book a room at the Gillhams Fishing Resorts?

Yes, there is an excellent selection of rooms at this resort, and there should be something suitable for all travellers. Whether you come by yourself, with friends or your family, there should be an option that suits your needs.

There are eight two-bedroom bungalows at the resort, and six one-bedroom bungalows. In order to book a bungalow, a guest must be booked in for fishing for at least 70% of their stay.

Guests receive a bonus in having longer fishing hours, with fishing times running from 7am to 8pm. If you are keen to get the best spot, and you want to make a head start on those who are enjoying a day trip at the resort, booking a bungalow makes perfect sense.

The rooms have a selection of home comforts with elements like air conditioning, ceiling fan, coffee and tea making facilities, TV and DVD player and wardrobe as standard.

There is also a three-bedroom private villa which offers the height of luxury who want to enjoy the finest standard of accommodation when fishing.

Can I get a photograph with the fish I catch?

While there are no specific instructions relating to taking pictures with fish, the images shared by the resort on social media indicates this is a practice on offer. With guides on offer, it is best to speak with them at the time, and they will be more than happy to help successful anglers capture their moment of joy!

How do I book a trip to the Gillhams Fishing Resorts?

If you have read this far, it is likely the thought of fishing at the Gillhams Fishing Resorts is a hugely appealing one. We love it, and highly recommend it. It’s one of the leading fishing resorts in Thailand, and we’re delighted to say so many people have booked through us, and then got back in touch to tell us they’ve had a fantastic time.

If you are interested in booking this fishing resort, please contact us via our enquiry form.

We can provide you with everything you need from start to finish to ensure you have an excellent trip.

*Transfers are available from every major destination in Thailand, prices do vary depending on destination and to which fishery, please enquire via our website.

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