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Cha-Am Fishing Park

The Cha-Am fishing park is located 10 minutes from the town centre of Cha-Am, 30 minutes from Hua Hin and less than 2 hours from Bangkok, in a southerly direction. The fact that the fishing park is located so close to a number of popular tourist resorts means that it is a destination that many anglers visit for a day trip, although longer residencies are available.

If you are looking for monster fish, this is one of the most attractive fishing parks in the local area. The Mekong Giant Catfish, weighing in at over 150lbs and the Giant Siamese carp, at over 90lbs are the big attractions for Lake 1 but in Lake 2, you will find Arapaima fish, weighing in at over 220lbs.

When it comes to finding a resort that provides you with the chance to target massive fish, you will love what is on offer here.

Cha-Am Fishing Park Fishery Information

Lake number one can only be fished from at the shore and there are a number of concrete slabs providing a stable and firm fishing area. There are also a number of bungalow areas by the lake, providing shelter and a place to relax in the shade.

The two rectangular shaped lakes are flanked by an extremely pleasant environment which includes palm trees, coconut trees and a lush setting. If your main focus is to relax and unwind when it comes to fishing, this is an ideal resort.

With 15 different species of fish to look out for and guides available if you need support, you will find that the Cha-Am Fishing Park is suitable for all anglers, no matter how much experience and expertise you have. There are also more than enough places to relax and catch up on your day’s fishing around the lakes making this a resort that is suitable for families and people looking to unwind.


Species and Weights

The target species on offer at Cha-Am include the Mekong Giant Catfish, the Giant Siamese Carp, the Arapaima, Catla carp up to 30lbs, the Amazon Redtail Catfish and the Alligator Gar. Lake 1 hosts carnivorous fish while Lake 2 hosts herbivores/omnivores species.

On-site Facilities

With a shop to pick up additional equipment and bait, you will find that everything you could need to make the most of your fishing trip is on hand with this resort. There is a stylish restaurant offering a wide selection of food, including Thai and Western dishes. With a swimming pool to relax by, you will find that there is a great deal on offer at the Cha-Am Fishing Park, and if you are looking for a relaxing break, this is definitely the destination for you.

Cha Am


Fishing Packages for Cha Am Fishing Park

Packages vary depending on lake

Main Lake – Rod Hire x 2, Tackle, Adequate allowance of Bait, Fishing Guide (Barry Gregory), Meal (Breakfast or Lunch), Soft Drinks 1500 baht per angler per day.

Specimen Lake –

Carp – (Bread Only)
Rod Hire x 2, Tackle, Fishing Guide (Barry Gregory), Meal (Breakfast or Lunch), Soft Drinks 4100 baht per angler per day.

Specimen Day
Carp Rod + Arapaima Rod, Tackle, Fishing Guide (Barry Gregory), Meal (Breakfast or Lunch), Soft Drinks 6100 baht per angler per day

Accommodation is available on site and starts at 1000 baht per night per room




Top 3 Things To Do In The Local Area

The Mrigadayavan Palace allows you to see the summer residency of King Rama VI. This is a stunning attraction, with a great sense of history, which is the ideal way to spend time on a sunny day.

The Santorini Water Fantasy is an ideal place to spend a summer’s day in Thailand, and there is a wide range of activities for people of all ages. Whether you want to swim, slide or just enjoy the social atmosphere, this is a tremendous place to visit in Cha-Am.

Play golf! There are three excellent golf courses in the local area, the Springfield Royal Country Club, the Palm Hills Golf Club and the Imperial Lake View Hotel and Golf Club. If you are serious about golf, any of these clubs are well worth checking out.

Interested in booking this fishing resort, please contact us via our enquiry form or contact our Head Guide Barry Gregory direct on +66 946740227.

We can provide you with everything you need from start to finish to ensure you have an excellent trip.

*Transfers are available from every major destination in Thailand, prices do vary depending on destination and to which fishery, please enquire via our website

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