Camping & Fishing Lakes Saraburi

Common CarpWhile Thailand offers so many brilliant attractions for tourists, and activities for locals, there is no denying there are many camping and fishing resorts to choose from. If your favourite way to get away from it all is to spend hours by the water, angling and camping, you have no shortage of stunning destinations to choose from.

However, there is always room for something new, and the Camping & Fishing Lakes Saraburi resort is a fine addition to the range of brilliant Thai fishing destinations. Helmed by a team with considerable love for fishing in Thailand, this resort is a fine choice that compares well with many well-established locations.

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Where is the Camping & Fishing Lakes Saraburi?

Camping & Fishing Lakes Saraburi is just an hour and a half away from Bangkok, located on the route to Nakhon Ratchasima. The resort is just 10 minutes from Saraburi City, and it is found in Nong No, which is in the Mueang Saraburi District.
The resort is handily located for main motorway 1, and it is only five minutes from there.

So, if you are looking for a fishing resort that is far enough away from Bangkok so it feels as though you enjoy a proper break, but also close enough you can do day trips or quick visits, the Camping & Fishing Lakes Saraburi is an ideal choice.
Some quick approximate journey times to and from the resort are found below:

  • Nakhon Ratchasima – 1.5/2 hours
  • Suvarnabhumi airport – 1 hour 45
  • Don Mueng airport – 1 hour 15 minutes
  • Ayuttaya – 1 hour
  • Pattaya – 2 hours 30/ 3 hours
  • Hua Hin – 4 hours
  • Lopburi – 1 hour

What are the Camping & Fishing Lakes Saraburi opening hours?

With camping available at the resort, there is no real limit as to when you can start your day, or how long you can fish for. Day guests obviously have a limit, with the first guests arriving in time for an early morning cast off. The same goes for the leaving time of the day guests, which occurs around sundown.

The hosts at Camping & Fishing Lakes Saraburi try to be flexible to ensure all anglers enjoy as much time as possible at the lakes, but if you want to maximise your stay, arrive early and be ready to fish from the get-go!

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What happens on arrival at Camping & Fishing Lakes Saraburi?

A warm welcome is guaranteed from the team at Camping & Fishing Lakes Saraburi. One of the best things about a resort run by people who love fishing is they know what anglers need, and how they like to be treated.

There are rules to follow at Camping & Fishing Lakes Saraburi, as there are at any fishing resort, and these rules are detailed at the start of your stay here. However, this process is kept as short as possible, and before you know it, you will be setting up and looking forward to a fun day or days.

What fish are stocked at the Camping & Fishing Lakes Saraburi?

With four fishing lakes on offer, you’ll find plenty of fish stocked at Camping & Fishing Lakes Saraburi.

The carp lake hosts a brilliant selection of Siamese carp, and there are some heavy fish to look out for, moving up to 40kg in weight. There is a fine selection of carp, mekong and barb to look out for here.

There is also a family lake at the resort, and there are more than 35 species of fish on offer here. These are smaller fish, suitable for anglers of all ages and experience, but with fish from fingerling through to 17kg. a real challenge on light gear!

There are a further 2 lakes which are wild amd is available for camping and fishing (mo salas, no electric) suits people wanting a very quiet time.

Can I book a room at the Camping & Fishing Lakes Saraburi?

You have two options for staying at Camping & Fishing Lakes Saraburi. With five lakes on offer, and only two currently used for fishing, you have a choice of stunning spots where you can set up for the night, or even a few days. If you are keen to commune with nature, this is a tremendous destination that will provide you with a lot of great memories.

If you would prefer something classier, you can arrange to stay in one of the bamboo huts at the resort. This is an affordable option, but it does add a touch of luxury and comfort to your time here. There are double bedrooms with air conditioning located at the small resort next door!

What food is on offer at Camping & Fishing Lakes Saraburi?

You’ll be pleased to hear this is an extensive range of food on offer at Camping & Fishing Lakes Saraburi, including Western and Thai selections. You can also enjoy Korean style food, and there is a good BBQ selection. Whether you need something substantial or you are looking for a snack to keep you going, everything you could want or need is on hand here.

You’ll be glad to hear there are many drinks on offer too, including water, smoothies, shakes soda and alcoholic beverages, so you’ll always be able to quench your thirst.

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Can I get a photograph with the fish I catch?

One of the best parts of a fishing trip is taking a photo with your catch. This is great to show people back home, and it serves as proof for your tales of your day at the lake!

There is help available to ensure you get the best photograph, but of course, the premium concern is the wellbeing of the fish. Your guide will advise you on what to do, and if there are any concerns over the wellbeing of the fish, you’ll be direct to return the fish to the water immediately.

In saying that, the guides are hugely experienced and if you follow their advice, you’ll have some tremendous snaps to look back on.

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