Buriram Monsters Fishing Park

There is a lot to be said for a fishing resort that the owner has built with their own hands. You get the sense of pride, love and attention that has gone into a park like this, and we are sure that the Buriram Monsters Fishing Park will appeal to anglers of all ages and backgrounds.

This might be one of the newer fishing parks in Thailand, but it is already developing an excellent reputation.

Where is the Buriram Monsters Fishing Park?

Located around 300km to the north east of Bangkok, the town of Buriram is the capital of the Buriram Province. If you are looking for a fishing resort that ensures you get away from it all, you will find everything you are looking for here.

This part of the country is known for peace and tranquillity, which is exactly what is on offer here. If you need to switch off from the madness of the modern world, this is likely to be the perfect setting.

Important Buriram Monsters Fishing Park updates in 2021

We know there is a great deal of uncertainty in the world right now. As things standard, the fishing park is working hard to make everything seem as normal and as straightforward as possible. If there are any changes to the standard service, you will see it listed on their website and social media platforms.

The resort makes a big deal out of guests booking in advance to ensure that there is space for them to fish, so it makes sense to pre-book, and then stay in touch with what the resort communicates online.

What happens on arrival at Buriram Monsters Fishing Park?

This is a very hands-on park, so you’ll receive a warm welcome from the owner and the team. This is the sort of thing that helps people feel settled straight away, and after running through the regulations, you’ll be fishing in no time.

What fish are stocked at the Buriram Monsters Fishing Park?

There is a great selection of fish on offer at the Buriram Monsters Fishing Park, so no matter what you are keen to capture, you should find it within reach.

The Amazon Redtail catfish​ is a popular option, as it is a hugely colourful catfish. It is also a hefty fish, and at the resort, you’ll find examples up to 80kg.

Redtails can reach about 1.8m and up to 80kg in weight one of the most colourful catfish when in good condition

The Alligator gar is a notable catch as it extends to around 3m in length, and some of the examples at the resort weight up to 148kg. If you are on the prowl for a predator fish, this is likely to be one that catches your attention.

Of course, the Mekong giant catfish will always be a massive draw around the world. At this resort, don’t be surprised to see fish of 3m long and weighing up to 350kg. This is the dream catch for many anglers, and there is no reason why you cannot complete the most exciting battle of your life here.

The Spotted featherback is a modest catch, but one that is worth looking out for. You will also find a tremendous selection of Arapaima, which are really eye-catching. There is a range of colour combinations, and you’ll be astounded by the size differentials. Some of these fish weigh as much as 180kg, and anyone who catches one of these fish will have a fantastic story to tell.

​The Emerald green catfish and the Chao phraya giant catfish are good options to look out for, as are the Pacu. With the Pacu being part of the piranha family, make sure you keep your fingers away from them!

The Walking catfish, Black Eared catfish, Siamese giant carp and Albino catfish are also great options here, not to forget about the Indian carp. No matter what sort of fish you dream about catching, we are sure you will love fishing at this park.

Can I hire equipment at the Buriram Monsters Fishing Park?

Everything you need for a great day of fishing is taken care of here, so don’t worry about having to hire equipment. Whether you need a rod, bait or tackle, you can hire everything you require at the park.

Is the Buriram Monsters Fishing Park safe?

All attendees will receive clear instructions regarding the rules and regulations of the fishing park. If these are adhered to, the park will provide a safe environment for all guests. Also, there are highly experienced guides on hand should any angler need assistance.

Can I book a room at the Buriram Monsters Fishing Park?

There is accommodation on the lakeside at the fishing park, which will ensure anglers can maximise their stay at the resort. If you like the idea of spending all day and evening here, you can do so, which is ideal given the location of the park.

Can I get a photograph with the fish I catch?

Like most fishing parks, this is something the resort encourages, but only when carried out safely. Therefore, a guide must be present when taking a photograph with the catch. In most cases, the angler will have to get into the water for the photo.

How do I book a trip to the Buriram Monsters Fishing Park?

If you have read this far, it is likely the thought of fishing at the Buriram Monsters Fishing Park is a hugely appealing one. We love it, and highly recommend it. It’s one of the leading fishing resorts in Thailand, and we’re delighted to say so many people have booked through us, and then got back in touch to tell us they’ve had a fantastic time.

We can provide you with everything you need from start to finish to ensure you have an excellent trip.

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