Chumphon Guide: Where To Go?

Chumphon Guide: Where To Go?

One of the best ways to explore Thailand is to get away from the main tourist traps and destinations. Yes, the leading resorts are great, and you can happily spend days, weeks, months and maybe even the rest of your life in these places.

However, don’t you want to see more? Chumphon is found in the south of Thailand, and it is a place that is often overlooked by the masses who come here. Okay, this is slowly changing, but if you want to see the best of Chumphon before the tourist market changes it, here is a guide on where to go.

See the Phato district and enjoy bamboo rafting

We all know a lot of fun can be had on the rivers of Thailand, but do you fancy spending time on a bamboo raft? This is an activity that is so revered in this part of the country, there is an annual rafting festival.

If this appeals to you, make sure you visit in February, but you don’t need to attend the major event to live this life. Bamboo rafting is a close enough to year-round activity in this part of Thailand, and if you fancy it, you are more than welcome to join in the fun.

Fill your social media with brilliant photos

While you can be in the moment and love the time you spend in Chumphon, you want to make sure you capture the moment for others, or for yourself later.

Again, the Phato district is an ideal destination. We’ve already covered the bamboo rafting, but what about the backdrop you see in the local area. Adventure tourism is a big draw, but the setting is beautiful, and you’ll have lush greenery to showcase to your friends, family and followers.

If you want to make it a tasty trip, spend some time here between July and September, as this is when the fruit comes direct from the orchards.

Ko Langka Jiew is one of the many places to see

We all know there are some fantastic National Parks in Thailand, and the Mu Ko Chumphon National Park is breath-taking. Its also big enough to host over 40 islands, so if you are looking to live that nautical lifestyle, you’ll find everything you can want to see here.

You can dive into the cool waters, you can snorkel and you can get up close and personal with some of the greatest marine life you can ever hope to see. The clownfish and sea anemones, who prowl amid the corals, will ensure you have a colourful time. You can also spot sharks if you are brave enough.

Look out for locations such as Ko Langka Jiew, Ko Ngam Yai, Ko Ngam Noi, Ko Ran Ped and Ko Ran Kai.

Take in the fishing village of Ko Phitak

One destination that offers a warm welcome is Ko Phitak, and you can even participate in a night time fishing squid. If you are successful, you will dine on the boat, which is surely the freshest food you will enjoy in your life.

This is a tremendous opportunity to see how the locals live, and to take part in the everyday life of Thai residents. Enjoying a holiday is one thing, but being part of the fabric of the nation is something that will live you for a long time.

You can also pick up cooking skills that will live you for the rest of your life. Also, you have a chance to plant mangroves that will go a long way to ensuring the local wildlife stays around for a bit longer.

If you want to make a difference, this is the sort of destination you should visit in Thailand.

Get high in Khao Dinsor

If you are looking for the best viewpoints in the area, you need to go up, and this is why you should make your way to Khao Dinsor. This is the highest destination in Chumphon, and there are stunning views on offer.

If you are keen to see birds of prey, this area lies on their migratory path between north and south. Again, if you are looking for an activity that isn’t available on every street corner, this is the sort of place you should visit.

Spend a day at the beach

Of course, you also want to enjoy a beach day, and this is possible in Chumphon. Hat Thung Wua Laen and Hat Sairee are both very popular, but they are low-key destinations compared to many Thai beaches.

This is a destination where kite-surfing is popular, so if you want to be slightly active, you can do so with a smile on your face.

Kapo Waterfall Forest Park is a natural wonder

If you have hot springs, caves and waterfalls on your bucket list, you can tick them all off here in one destination. This is an area where nature delivers a few stunning shows, so make sure your camera is ready, and get set to see beautiful sights.

Enjoy a great day at the Chumphon Fishing Resort

Anyone looking for a great value for money fishing day will find the Chumphon Fishing Resort to be a tremendous choice. There is an abundance of fish here, with a great variety of species in the water. If you have a bucket list of fish you wish to catch or at least battle, you’ll have a fantastic time here.

Also, owner Danny is extremely hands on, so you’ll get a brilliant welcome and receive all the help you need to get set up and make the most of your day. Whether you are new to fishing or you just want to get started in the most efficient manner, you won’t waste a second here.

If you plan on visiting Chumphon, we hope you enjoy these tips. If you have spent any time in this part of Thailand, please tell us some of your top tips or your favourite tourist attractions. We would love to share them with our audience, and we would love to see where people spend their time in and around Chumphon.