Amazon BKK fishing Thailand Bangkok

In this video, they visited the Amazon BKK fishing park. Up until recently, this park was a lure only fishing park but now that the park is under new management you can bait fish here. As you will see in the video the fish are not at all used to bait fishing and are extremely easy to hook at this time. The package we had was for 2 rods, but they could only fish with one rod for most of […]

Things To Do In & Around Bangkok

It would probably be easier to tell you the things that you couldn’t do in and around Bangkok, as there is something for everyone in this city. No matter your age or what you are looking for, this Thai destination will ensure that you have plenty to keep you occupied and entertained. Enjoy a boat trip Public transport can be inconsistent in Bangkok. The Sky train is well worth using but the roads can become jammed at any time of […]