Barry Gregory’s ‘Arapaima’ Package (Cha Am Fishing Park)

Barry Gregory’s ‘Arapaima’ Package (Cha Am Fishing Park)

Fishing in Thailand was recently set up by Barry Gregory with the sole aim of making it easier for anglers to find the best fishing resort for their needs, as well as providing hands on support for other areas of their trip.

Barry is a hugely successful angler, with personal best fish including a 280lb Arapaima, a 102lb Siamese Carp and a 92lb Chao-Phraya Catfish, so he has personal experience of catching the biggest and best that Thailand has to offer.

In addition, he has the highly credited Professional Angling Association coaching badges, more than 25 years in angling, has fished all over the world and was a member of one of the top coarse fishing teams in the UK.

If you would like to fish with Barry now is your chance.

This package will provide you with the chance of catching an Arapaima.

Fishing at Specimen Lake at Cha Am Fishing Park

• Pick up at 10:00 hrs from your local hotel in Cha Am
• Fishing the main Specimen Lake (11:00 hrs – 18:00 hrs)
• All tackle, 2 x Arapaima Rods & all bait included
• Lunch/Drinks included and delivered to your swim
• Transfer back to your local hotel in Cha Am

Interesting in this package? Please enquiry via our website or contact our head guide Barry Gregory on + 66 946740227

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