New Bungsamran and Camping and Fishing Lakes Saraburi Experience

Three is the magic number, and that applies to the number of days in this brilliant camping and fishing experience we have lined up for you. We want you to see some of the best fishing resorts in Thailand, and by creating camping and fishing packages, we take care of everything for you. This means you can see the very best of what New Bungsramran Fishing Park has to offer, and take care of everything for you, including transport to […]

New Bungsamran Fishing Resort Experience

With the new venue covering 128,000 square meters, it is no surprise that many anglers have been taken by the new Bungsamran fishing resort. The previous one was hugely popular, but the improved layout and focus on great quality fishing, not to mention the considerable accommodation options, makes this a fantastic option. We also think the best way to enjoy the Bungsamran fishing resort is with a great guide, and we would like to introduce you to Mr Krit, a […]

Kanchanaburi Khao Laem Dam Dam Experience

When it comes to a fishing experience in Thailand that is unlike most of the fishing resorts, you should check out the Kanchanaburi Khao Laem Dam fishing resort. The beautiful mountain backdrop is the ideal setting, and if you are looking for a fishing resort that offers tranquillity, this is a tremendous option. Where is the Kanchanaburi Khao Laem Dam? Located in the province of Kanchanaburi, the third largest province in Thailand, this is a tremendous area in the western […]

Thainana Thai Nana Experience

Predator Experience If you plan on pitting your wits against the fiercest creatures in Thailand, you want to give yourself plenty of time to take them on. This is why booking a Predator Experience at Thainana Thai Nana is an excellent way to set yourself up for an excellent day of fishing. The fishing times run from 7am to 6pm, so you get a great shift with this package, and as you would expect, everything is taken care of for […]