Barry Gregory’s Cha Am Fishing Package (3 Nights)

Fishing in Thailand was recently set up by Barry Gregory with the sole aim of making it easier for anglers to find the best fishing resort for their needs, as well as providing hands on support for other areas of their trip. Barry is a hugely successful angler, with personal best fish including a 280lb […]

Things To Do In & Around Cha-Am

When it comes to the attractions on offer in Cha-Am, you would be forgiven for thinking that beaches are your only option. This is a Thai destination that provides a number of long and stunning beautiful beaches, and if you are looking for a relaxing beach holiday, this is a tremendous destination. However, you will […]

Things To Do In & Around Bangkok

It would probably be easier to tell you the things that you couldn’t do in and around Bangkok, as there is something for everyone in this city. No matter your age or what you are looking for, this Thai destination will ensure that you have plenty to keep you occupied and entertained. Enjoy a boat […]

What To See & Do In & Around Hua Hin

While Hua Hin is a great weekend destination for people from Bangkok, it is also a holiday destination in its own right. There is something slightly traditional and old-fashioned about a lot of what Hua Hin has to offer, making it a great counterpoint to some of the flashier and modern elements of what Bangkok […]

I Find Myself In Krabi What Do l Do?

With Krabi now having its own airport, it is becoming a much more popular tourist destination. This may put some people off but you will be delighted to know that the majesty of Krabi still lies with the fact that it is relatively quiet and untouched. Whether you are looking for a five star luxury […]

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