Thai Culture : A Brief Guide

Thai culture is a unique culture that is very different from traditional Western culture, and some of the common and traditional practises in Thailand may seem strange at first. However, you should find that you will become familiar with the key Thai practices very quickly, and that some of them are not dissimilar to Western […]

Thailand’s Weather : A Brief Guide

While Thailand is a large country and there are different areas which experience different weather at certain times of year, it would be correct to say that Thailand is a humid and tropical country for the majority of the year. In the north of the country, with Bangkok being regarded as the middle point, there […]

Thai People : A Brief Guide

Although it is possible to describe the Thai people as being a singular group, in Thailand, the people of the country are commonly broken down into four groups, which are the North, South, Eastern and central Thai people. As you would expect from different groups in the country, each grouping has a main characteristic that […]

Thailand’s Geography : A Brief Guide

Thailand covers an area of around 513,000 km2 (or 198,000 sq. mi) and it is the 51st largest country in the world. However, with a population of 66 million people, Thailand is the 20th most populous country you will find. Thailand has a number of borders, with Burma and Laos being found to the north, […]

Barry Gregory’s ‘Arapaima’ Package (Cha Am Fishing Park)

Barry Gregory’s ‘Arapaima’ Package (Cha Am Fishing Park) Fishing in Thailand was recently set up by Barry Gregory with the sole aim of making it easier for anglers to find the best fishing resort for their needs, as well as providing hands on support for other areas of their trip. Barry is a hugely successful […]

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