10 Day Exotic Fishing & Jungle Package

Exotic Fishing Thailand

Located just one hour north from Phuket International Airport, the Exotic Fishing Thailand resort provides 10 acres of fishery in the stunning province of Phang Nga in Thailand. When it comes to enjoying the very best of catch and release fishing in Thailand, you will find that this is the resort to visit.

When it comes to the biggest catch of all, you should know that the Arapaima is the fish to be on the lookout for in Thailand. At Exotic Fishing Thailand, there are Arapaima weighing in at over 350lbs, and in total, there are five different species weighing in at over 100lbs. If you are on a mission to catch the biggest and best fish Thailand has to offer, you will find that this is the location that has everything you could want or need.

Exotic Fishing Thailand Fishery Information

As a catch and release fishery, the Exotic Fishing Thailand resort has a number of strict rules, but this provides for a safer way to fish, with a great number of opportunities to catch the fish of your dreams. There are many experienced guides on hand who will ensure that you have the best support for enjoying your time at the resort.

Located 50 minutes north from Phuket International Airport and just over an hour from Krabi Airport, this is a fishing destination that is easily within reach for most travellers.

Species and Weights

With over 60 species available at Exotic Fishing Thailand, there is no shortage of great fishing options. No matter what type of fish you are looking to catch, you will find that there are plenty of options on offer.

If your focus is on monster fish, there is a lot more than just the Arapaima on offer. There is the Wallagoo Leeri, weighing in at over 130lbs, there is the Alligator Gar, weighing in at over 110lbs and there are Giant Stingrays, weighing in at over 220 lbs. You will also find Mekong Catfish, some of which weigh over 300lbs and there are plenty of Siamese Carp and Chao Phraya Catfish, all coming in at around 110lbs and upwards.


Jungle Fishing

Try your hand at Jungle fishing at Cheow Lan Lake located inside Khao Sok National Park, a man‐made lake surrounded by mountains and dense National Park.

You will get to fish in an area no other western angler’s fish by penetrating as far as possible into the jungle along numerous rivers in search of Big Toman (Giant Snakehead), Striped Snakehead, Cobra snakehead, Thai Mahseer, River Catfish, Featherback, Rohuand Hampala Snakehead, Thai Mahseer, River Catfish, Featherback, 
Rohuand Hampala Barb. 

Jungle Fishing 1

The jungle based camp consists of basic floating raft house purposely built to blend into the environment.

Jungle Fishing 3

There is no air‐conditioning or TV. This fishing experience is for adventurous anglers; looking for REAL jungle fishing and are prepared to go without home comforts for a few days.

Package includes:

* 7 nights at TP Place hotel
* Breakfast at hotel or Exotic Fishing Thailand
* 6 full days fishing at Exotic Fishing Thailand
* Transfers to the fishing lake  
* Bait & Tackle
* Arapaima Guarantee at Exotic Fishing Thailand
* 3 days guided jungle fishing (+ boat rental)
* Transport to and from Jungle fishing
* 2 nights in raft bungalow
* All food/water/ tea/ coffee and fruit
* All fishing equipment and bait

10 day Jungle Fishing Package from £1800 per person

Interested in booking this fishing resort, please contact us via our enquiry form or contact our Head Guide Barry Gregory direct on +66 946740227.

We can provide you with everything you need from start to finish to ensure you have an excellent trip.

*Transfers are available from every major destination in Thailand, prices do vary depending on destination and to which fishery, please enquire via our website

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